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17 Irresistibly Bookish Earrings From Etsy

At the ripe old age of 26, I finally got my earlobes pierced. Thanks to the super-professional tattoo shop that did them for me, I’ve had them for over a month with no problems whatsoever. Still, it’s too soon to change my current studs out. But that doesn’t mean I’m not building my earring collection…and these 17 irresistibly bookish earrings from Etsy have me swooning!

Bookish Etsy Earrings

1. Stainless Steel Open Book Earrings

These simple, dangly earrings go with any outfit—and proclaim to the world your love of reading. (What reader wouldn’t want that?)

Stainless Steel Open Book Earrings

2. Stack-of-Books Earrings

I literally have a stack of books like this sitting on every deskish surface in my house. Do you? If so, these earrings are perfect for you.

Stack of Books Dangly Earrings

3. Organized Bookshelf Earrings

In addition to all the unorganized book stacks around my house, I also have several shelves that look like these adorable earrings. As many book lovers do. 
Round Bookshelf Dangly Earrings

4. Organized Bookshelf Studs

If you like the organized bookshelf look but don’t want dangly earrings, these are for you.

Round Pin Bookshelf Earrings

5. Book Danglies THAT CAN OPEN

Need I say more? These dangly earrings OPEN a bit, folks. And the pages have words inside them. They are a book lover’s dream come true.

Book Earrings That Open

6. Classic Book Cover Earrings

Choose a pair of earrings from a range of your favorite classics. I’ll take the Little Women ones, if you please.

Classic Book Cover Earrings

7. Pretty Blue Cover Dangly Earrings

These look more journalish than bookish, but what book lover doesn’t love a beautiful journal?

Blue Book Cover Earrings

8. Book and Tea Earrings

I kid you not, I gasped in delight when I stumbled upon these earrings. I dare you not to.

Book and Tea Earrings

9. Book and Coffee Earrings

These are pretty awesome, too. They pretty much describe my dream morning. 
Book and Coffee Earrings

10. More Book and Coffee (or Tea) Earrings

Because we need all the book + hot drink options we can get.

Book and Hot Drink Earrings

11. The Hound of the Baskervilles Typewriter Earrings

Another gasp-worthy pair of earrings for all the mystery lovers of the world.

Hound of the Baskervilles Earrings

12. So Many Books, So Little Time Earrings

What book lover doesn’t feel this way at least once in their life? (Or in my case, every. single. day.) There’s also a similar version on Etsy but minus the pink.

So Many Books So Little Time Earrings

13. Upcycled Found Objects Earrings

These awesome message-in-a-bottle style earrings contain snippets of old dictionaries or classics.

Upcycled Found Objects Earrings

14. Upcycled Origami Leaf Earrings

Another neat example of upcycling, these delicate earrings are made from a 1954 copy of East of Eden.

Upcycled Origami Leaf Earrings

15. (Another) Bookshelf Earring Set

Just in case the other options didn’t suit your fancy, there’s this take on the bookshelf look.

Colorful Bookshelf Earrings

16. Shakespeare Earrings

These simple but lovely earrings contain pieces of old copies of Shakespeare plays.

Shakespeare Play Earrings

17. Read Books Earrings

Does this last set of earrings need an explanation? I think not.

Read Books Earrings

Go forth and find your perfect pair of irresistibly bookish earrings from the wonderful world of Etsy! (See more bookish jewelry and pin options.)

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