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Disney Shirts to Help You Be Both Bookish and Magical

I recently took my first trip to Disney World in awhile. Now, I grew up in a Disney-loving family. I draw major bragging rights from the fact that my aunt used to be Minnie Mouse. But a lot has changed since I was a kid. For one, oh my good Lord, so many strollers. And for another, we are living in a golden age of novelty t-shirts. You can get shirts personalized for your family, your particular vacation, or the occasion of your visit. Favorite movie? There’s a shirt for that. And my wife and I quickly caught that Disney shirt fever. But I found myself trying to find my particular Disney identity—was it possible to be both bookish and magical? Was there a Disney shirt for that? Yes. Yes there was. Here are nine bookish Disney shirts to help you be both bookish and magical.

Not surprisingly, many of our bookish Disney shirts are Belle-related. She is the Disney princess for book nerds. Not sorry. But what Belle flavor you want is totally up to you.

Book club Belle?

Belle's Book Club Shirt

Book cafe Belle?

Belle's Book Cafe Shirt

Dangerous Belle?

Belle Girls Who Read Are Dangerous Shirt

Dangerous Belle in a ballgown?

Belle Women Who Read Are Dangerous Shirt

Belle standards of living upon being swept off her feet?

Belle Castle with a Library Shirt

But life isn’t all in the great wide somewhere. For the slightly darker end of bookish magical tourism, we turn to Winifred Sanderson.

The Winifred Sanderson Book Club

Winifred's Book Club Shirt

The infamous Book itself.

Hocus Pocus Book Shirt

Sing it with me now:  “booooooooook.”

Hocus Pocus Boooook Shirt

And while it may be an unconventional choice among princesses and pirates and whatnot, the classic mouse ears silhouette gets a Marvel makeover for ladies and gents alike.

Marvel Mickey Ears Shirt

So whether you’re planning a trip in the future or you just need to represent your full bookish magic, these bookish Disney shirts will help you get the job done.

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