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13 Enamel Pins Featuring Cats and Books

Those who fall in the center of the Venn Diagram of “loves cats” and “loves books” really fall in the center. For my fellow cat-and-book lovers, I’ve pulled together a previous collection of great bookish gifts for cat lovers. You can also find the perfect cat bookends or cat bookmarks. Of course, then you can discover which literary cat you are or find a great new read on this list of 100 must-read books with cats in them.

It would only be fair to say book and cat lovers are passionate about being book and cat lovers.

Find below another collection of great gifts for fellow paw and page folks. This time, find enamel pins featuring books and cats. From the sweet to the spooky, these cat and book enamel pins are too cute not to share.


Be one with the pun. It’s a black cat atop two classics of kitty literature. $10.



Speaking of classics of kitty literature, this cat is learning the art of To Kill A Mockingbird. $9.30.



Familiars are great any time of the year. This little black cat will help you with your potion concoctions. $10.



This is the coziest enamel pin, featuring a cat, cup of tea, and a book. I’m ready to snuggle in. $12.



Speaking of cats and tea and books, how perfect is this indoorsy enamel pin? Purr-fect. $12.



A cat and books enamel pin for anyone who is over boys. $9.30.



This book loving cat enamel pin is available in two color options. $11.25.



Just books. Just books for this cat. $9.30.



It’s a missed opportunity for the book this cat is carrying to not be titled “A Tail Of Two Kitties,” but it’s still puntastic and cute. Get this cat and book enamel pin for $10.



The description for this adorable enamel pin calls the creature there an origami cat or fox. I see fox, but I can also see cat. Either way, this one was too cute not to include. $10.60.



Do as this book loving kitty says: read more. $10.



The witchy vibes of many of these cat and book enamel pins make spooky season appropriate all year long. $12.



Who doesn’t have a library card for their cat? $8.

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