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Bookish Accessories for Your Cat

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Susie Dumond

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Susie (she/her) is a queer writer originally from Little Rock, now living in Washington, DC. She is the author of QUEERLY BELOVED and the forthcoming LOOKING FOR A SIGN from Dial Press/Random House. You can find her on Instagram @susiedoom.

So you love books and cats. Good! They’re obviously a perfect combination. But does your cat love books too? Can you often find them curled up in your comfiest reading chair? Do they paw at the tassel on your bookmarks? Is the bookshelf their favorite place to cause a little mischief? Then obviously they deserve a book-related treat. Or two, or maybe three. Check out these excellent bookish accessories for your cat, from catnip toys to comfy beds to costumes and beyond.

My cat, Maple, loves putting herself in the middle of my reading life. If I’m holding a book, she can’t resist rubbing her little whiskers against it. Any time I leave a book laying around, she’s sure to loaf on it. And sometimes, when I can’t decide which book to read next, I’ll spread out some options on the floor and wait for her to investigate and sit down on one. That’s Maple’s way of recommending, and she has impeccable taste. She would definitely enjoy many of these toys and soft things to lay on, although she would never forgive me if I tried dressing her up in the costumes. I hope you and your cat have better luck at dressing up!

Bookish Accessories for Your Cat

three fabric fake books that can be stuffed with catnip; the first says "The Great Catsby"
Image from purrsonified on Etsy

Your cat will never tire of these classics, especially since you can refill them with as much catnip as desired. Available titles include The Great Catsby, Purride and Purrejudice, and Garden Tails. $17

A white and orange cat posing very politely in a Sherlock Holmes style cap and hat
Image from MIYOPET on Etsy

This Sherlock Holmes costume will have your cat saying, “Elemeowntary, my dear Watson.” $25

An orange and white kitten lies next to a blue and purple cloth twenty-sided die toy
Image from SBFDesignCo on Etsy

Here at Book Riot, we know Dungeons & Dragons counts as a bookish hobby. Perhaps your cat will agree — especially if they roll a natural 20 with this catnip D20 plushie. $16

A blondish cat snoozes on a tiny green and white checkered couch shaped bed
Image from PiPetShops on Etsy

Give your cat their very own spot in your reading nook with this cat couch, perfect for a comfy reading session. $80

A rubber stamp on a wooden block below a stamp in black ink on a white page with an outline of a cat in profile and the text "From the library of Blythe Morgan"
Image from saralukecreative on Etsy

Your cat can make sure no one else gets their claws in their books with this customizable library stamp. $25

Two felt catnip toys shaped like tea bags
Image from KurfmanTreasures on Etsy

A good cup of tea is a must-have for any reading session. With these catnip tea bag toys, your cat can get in on tea time too. $8

A hand holds a pink cardboard sheet with four magnetic cat paw bookmark clipped over the top. The paws are orange striped, calico, white with black spots, and gray striped.
Image from CheriBarboArtFinds on Etsy

Your cat’s paws could use a break. Instead, they can hold their book page with these magnetic cat paw bookmarks. $7

A black cat in a crocheted red and white striped top hat and a red bowtie
Image from BigEarFly on Etsy

Love The Cat in the Hat? Want to make Dr. Seuss’s vision into reality? This costume will do it. $21

A white cat with brownish spots is tucked into a white bed in black pajamas with a pair of round wire frame glasses on its face
Image from MIYOPET on Etsy

What’s that, you say? Your cat doesn’t read? Maybe that’s because you haven’t gotten them any reading glasses. $11

A light wooden cube-shaped side table has a hole on one corner to access a cat bed inside. A white and brown cat is lounging inside, and a plant and stack of books are placed on top.
Image from PurrFurPL on Etsy

This stylish side table has space for books up top and book-loving cats on the bottom. $278