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Bookish Booze Brands



Always books. Never boring.

Books, booze, bad puns. I’m not a big drinker these days, but I’d totally quaff these literary libations I just made up by playing a slightly more mature version of the “replace a word with a mildly vulgar word” game. Get ready to employ your bad pun-specific chuckle-groan, and pun away in the comments.

My list of best bookish booze brands:

An Ale for the Time Being

Dead Until Dark Lager
The Goblet of Fire Whiskey
The Graveyard Brew
The Handmaid’s Pale Ale
The Hard Cider House Rules
Irish Red Sorghum
Madapple Ale
The Name of the Rosé
Summer Shandy and Bird

A few alcoholic album titles I couldn’t resist throwing in:

Jagged Little Pilsner

Mead Is Murder
Under the Pink Champagne


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