We Love Bookish Pets: A Gallery of Our Furry Friends + Our Books

Every time I blink, there is a new animal in my house. It started slow, as these things do sometimes. One cat. Then two. There was a period of a couple of years where two seemed like the end point. We added a third about that time and held our course for a while.

Somehow, a rabbit was introduced, followed by a kitten (he was found outside!), and then a foster kitty.

If you’ve done the math, that comes out to roughly 12 cats and 16 rabbits in my house.

While the rabbit has an unfortunate habit of enjoying my books for snacks—and she has very unfavorable opinions of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix out of the series—my animals for the most part coexist well with the ever-growing, close-to-tumbling, towers of books.

This post is for animal lovers and book lovers. I asked fellow Book Rioters who were up to the task to share a photo or two of their animals alongside some books.

Of course, I’d love to see your favorite pet and book photos, too. So enjoy our collection and leave a contribution of your own in the comments.

Books + Pets = Awwww


Hollandaise felt so strongly about Order of The Phoenix that she took care of both the front and back cover for lunch.

—Kelly Jensen


Bleu does not appreciate the humans interrupting his personal reading time.

—Sophia LeFevre



Don’t let the scarf fool you. Waffles is definitely more of a Hufflepuff than a Gryffindor.

—Susie Dumond



Bernadette has been getting into audiobooks lately, so her’s a photo of her sitting on a cloud (or my duvet cover) listening to book 2 of Kristin Lavransdatter.

—Jesse Doogan



Jack would like you to read him some LGBT fairytale poetry.

—Alice Nuttal



Oopsilon’s (“Oopsie”) favorite book is How to Talk to Your Cat about Gun Safety (pictured, open)—and she’s wondering why I haven’t yet.

—Abby Hargreaves



This is my grandlizard Cheeto, a leopard gecko, who enjoys reading with her humans.

—Heather Bottoms


Bobo is actually our child’s lizard but considering how much she loves to climb over MY books when I’m reading, I think co-ownership is more suitable. And of course her favourite is “How to Train Your Dragon” – she thinks the idea of ‘training’ any dragon is hilarious.

—Ann-Marie Cahill


Linus is very disappointed at the amount of books his cat mom owns but hasn’t read yet.

—Amanda Diehl



Eliot says you can’t read Harry Potter right now, I’m reading it.

—Katherine Packer



Lusa and I are both book lovers. The question is: Who has first dibs on the TBR pile?

—Steph Auteri



You’ve never called me SOME DOG. Explain yourself.

—Stacey Megally


Marlowe thinks it’s exhausting working his way through the complete plays of the writer he was named after.

—Alison Doherty



Farrokh and Zevon at 10 weeks old, posing with what could be the title of their memoir.

—Liberty Hardy


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