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Bookish 2022 Planners for the Reader On Your Holiday List (Even If It’s You)

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A planner is essential to my organizing process, and a bookish planner is even better. The most productive way to keep track of my busy life is by picking up a pen or pencil and pressing it against paper to write down important meetings, article deadlines, friend hangs, and work shifts. Keeping a print planner is also more fun — I can customize and decorate the pages and choose between a variety of sizes. Whereas digital calendars just don't cement things in my brain the same way (writing by hand stimulates our brains more) and, well, I don’t really want to spend even more time looking at a screen.

With these delightfully bookworm-y planners, you can keep your life organized and your recent reads fresh in your memory. Or you can gift these to the book lovers close to your heart. Some of these bookish planners come with extra features — book chapters, literary quotes, TBR lists, reading logs, even colouring pages. Writing in these beautiful bookish planners by hand will fire up your brain and keep your on task. Additionally, for extra good times, I've thrown in some bookish planner accessories at the end — items like stickers and stamps that will help you turn any planner into a bookish one.

Bookish Planners

Written in the Stars Book Planner

This Written in the Stars journal has book content like TBR lists and favourite quotes, while also featuring undated monthly calendar pages. Plus: a ribbon bookmark, because you're worth it. $25

Classic Reading Journal -Monthly Planner

Another monthly planner-reading journal hybrid, this time with quotes from classic authors like Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë. $24

Whirling World's 2022 planner. The cover reads, "All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well." - Julian of Norwich

Whirling World's 2022 planner features inspiring literary quotes. $14

Whirling World 2022 Planner Set with Don Quixote quotes, like Thou Hast Seen Nothing Yet

Also by Whirling World, this set gives you a 2022 planner with a Don Quixote quote and an accompanying notebook (for the notebook, you get to choose your own quote). $14

The Bookworm Life Planner, showing an illustration of a rainbow stack of books

Made by Peanut Butter Taco, the planner comes in two versions: month to month view is one sheet of lined paper, two dot grid sheets, and wrap-up pages; week to month view is six sheets of lined paper, one dot grid sheet, and wrap-up pages. $28

The Book Lover's Planner, showing a colourful polka dot cover and a stack of cartoon books

With this undated book lover's planner, you can keep your life organized and your recent reads fresh in your memory. $30

The Bookstagrammer Planner

Perfect for the Bookstagrammer in your life, this planner also gives the user space for different aspects of strategizing bookish social media posts. $34

Undated Planner with Reading Log

This undated planner has all sorts of fun extra features, including sections to pencil in your own TBR list and reading log. $48

Bookish Planner Accessories

Suggested Read Stickers

Turn any planner into a bookish one with these suggested read stickers. $17

Finished Reading stamps

Turn any planner into a book journal with these "Finished Reading" stamps. $16

So regardless of if you want a bookish planner or something to add bookish content to a regular ol' planner, these should do the trick. Don't miss these great 2022 bookish calendars, too! And if you want to go a little more DIY, try these bullet journal supplies for book lovers. Happy organizing!