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10 Bookcase Lighting Ideas To Take Your Shelves To The Next Level

Bookcase lighting: the next step in beautifying and personalizing your bookcase once you are satisfied with the organization of all your lovely books. Read on to learn about different and creative ways to light up your bookcase like nobody else.

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1. Fairy Lights

tangle of fairy lights

Tried and true, fairy lights are one of the best places to start when it comes to bookcase lighting. The best part is that you can get a pack of battery operated fairy lights pretty much anywhere home goods are sold. My favorite place to get mine is from the Target dollar section, but Amazon has some great quality ones as well. Price: $7.99

2. Flameless Candles

flameless LED candles

Both light up and decorate your bookcase with battery operated candles—the safer option for the candle lover who wants the aesthetic of a flickering flame against books. Price: $18.99

3. Light Box

'treat people with kindness' quote on a light box

Light boxes are another great way to add some lighting to bookcase. Customize your own messages and fit it in between books or in front of your books. These come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Mine has become a staple for my shelves (and yes, that is a Harry Styles reference above). Price: $25.99

4. Overhanging Light Fixtures

IKEA sells these sleek LINDSHULT LED cabinet lights that you can affix to the top of pretty much anything—cabinets, wardrobes, and most importantly: bookcases. Price: $24.99

5. LED Spotlights

Shine a spotlight on your books with these LEDBERG LED spotlights from IKEA. Attach to the shelf above your books and shine a light on what really matters most—your gorgeous books. Price: $7.99

6. LED Letters

ampersand on a stack of books

Fill some space or even dedicate an entire shelf to a word with these LED decorative letters from Amazon. I think the Ampersand is cute and would look great as a bookend. Price: $12.74

7. Lanterns

ikea lantern

Lanterns are another way to light up your bookcase. You can thrift your lanterns or find them in about any home goods store. IKEA has these cute mini lanterns for tea lights that would look great spread out across your shelves. Price: $3.99

8. LED Strips

LED strips are also an affordable way to shine a light on your books and light up each shelf on your bookcase. Amazon has these rechargeable strips that come in packs of two. Price: $18.99

9. DIY Stars In A Jar

Grab a mason jar and some fairy lights and you’ve got yourself some stars in a jar! DIY to your heart’s content and decorate your bookcase. Price: varies

10. Book Lamp

book lamp on a shelf

These lamps disguised as books would make great additions to your shelves. Face the cover outwards to show off the cutout on the cover, or spin them around and let the “pages” shine. Price: $58.95

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