Must-Own Book Wall Art You’ll Want To Dazzle Your Drab Spaces

A few years back, I rounded up a selection of great bookish prints for your walls. But with the explosion of not only Etsy but also in book love throughout the internet, it seemed appropriate to revisit the post and share even more must-own book wall art.


book wall art


What’s great about book wall art is you can use it anywhere. Dazzle up your bathroom walls. Add some color and style to your home library or bedroom. Make your drab office more reflective of who you are. I’ve stuck to general book love and nerdery in this round-up, but whatever your fandom or passion, chances are there’s great book wall art to accompany it.

Please note that all of these are printed for purchase, rather than available as an instant download that you’d print yourself. Those’ll come in a future post!

Location of the Library Book Wall Art Print

“The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library” quote print. $20.


Custom book stack book wall art

How great is this customizable stack of books? You can pick your colors and titles, perfect for whatever it is you’re passionate about. $30 and up.


Bookworm book wall art decal


Define your space with this bookworm decal. $13.


So Many Books, So Little Time Book Wall Art


So many books, so little time” art. $14 and up.


I cannot live without books book wall art thomas jefferson quote


“I cannot live without books” Thomas Jefferson quote print. $14.


Bookshelf book wall art decal


Choose from a few colors with this bookshelf decal. Perfect for those few pesky spaces that you simply can’t shove a real shelf into. $24.


Llama reading a book book wall art


A llama reading a book! How cute is this? $19 and up.


Read More Books Book Wall Art


Keep your book wall art simple. $12 and up.


Virginia Woolf book quote wall art


“Books are the mirrors of the soul” Virginia Woolf quote. $10 and up.


"Shh, I'm reading" book wall art


“Shh…I’m reading” print. $17 and up.


Flamingo reading book wall art on a dictionary page


I think dictionary art is cool, but it’s especially great when you get a cute animal reading on it. $17.


Personalized book wall art print


This book print you can personalize so everyone knows how devastating endings can be for you. $17.


Oscar Wilde Quote About Books Book Wall Art


“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” Oscar Wilde quote. $9 and up.


Haruki Murakami quote about books wall art


“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking” Haruki Murakami quote. $17 and up.



A custom library date due card print for your favorite book. $22 and up.


I read past my bedtime book wall art

“I read past my bedtime” book print. $11 and up.

"In the end, we all become stories" Margaret Atwood book wall art quote


“In the end, we’ll all become stories” Margaret Atwood quote print. $12 and up.


Periodic Table of Classic Books Book Wall Art


How clever is this periodic table of elements of the classical novel? So nerdy. So delightful. $82 and up.


Read Good Books book wall art


“Read Good Books” book wall art. $18 and up.


"Work all day. Books all night" book wall art


The book lover’s motto. $18 and up.


"Read books and you will go on wonderful adventures" tiger book wall art


This is so bright and delightful. “Read books and you’ll go on wonderful adventures” book print. $30 and up.


Books aren't just made of words book wall art


A quote about books that couldn’t be more true. $18.


Pop book wall art


This pop book art print is said to have a cool 3D effect to it, too. $89.


The World Is A Book Quote Book Wall Art


“The world is a book” book print quote with gorgeous map design. $20 and up.


Book Long Enough book wall art quote


“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me” C.S. Lewis quote print. $22 and up.


book shelf watercolor book wall art


For fans of watercolor book art. $15 and up.


beer and books make the world better book wall art


Art is books and beer in one print. $18 and up.


books: they're my favorite book wall art


“Books: they’re my favorite” book print. $25 and up.


Neil Gaiman book quote wall art


A piece of bookish art featuring a great Neil Gaiman quote. $10 and up.


bright bookshelf book wall art


Bright books on a shelf print. $14 and up.


typography read read read book wall art print


Keep it simple with this read typography print. $10 and up.


bookish af wall art


Declare your bookish AF status. $10 and up.


Dewey Decimal system book wall art


Need a handy guide to the Dewey Decimal System for your wall? This library print is for you. $36.


"If you have a garden and a library you have everything you neeD" cicero book wall art quote


And last, but not least, the famous Cicero garden and library quote print. $8.54 and up.

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