5 Book Titles That are Also Song Titles

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Mariela Santos Muñiz

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There’s a saying that goes, “great minds think alike.”

Maybe in this case it’s true, since creatives in both music and books have projects with the same titles.

While usually only a few words, a title is very important, as it encapsulates what the project is about; additionally, it’s also meant to be attractive to the public so they’ll want to read the book, or listen to the song – you get the idea.

The following songs and books that share titles are an introduction to the topic, since there are more titles that match. You can probably come up with a few yourself, but in the meantime make sure to check out the list compiled below.

My Way by Paul Anka and David Dalton

Singer-songwriter Paul Anka wrote and performed songs himself, in addition to writing for other artists.

According to Amazon, his biography My Way covers aspects of his life, such as the early years of his career; the romances; and some of the big names in entertainment that were in his life.

“My Way” is one of Frank Sinatra‘s most famous songs, and it was written by Anka. Throughout a long career in entertainment, Sinatra received many awards like 31 Grammy nominations and 9 wins; a Presidential Medal of Freedom; and a Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award.

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John is probably best known for giving life to Sandy Olsson in the beloved movie Grease. Who can forget the things that went on at Rydell High, right?

Newton-John has had a very successful career after that movie, as an actress and singer. Her accomplishments are part of what she discusses in her memoir: Don’t Stop Believin’.

“Don’t Stop Believin'” is also the title of a Journey song. If you’re not familiar with the rock band established in the ’70s, their hit songs include “Faithfully”, “Send Her My Love”, and “Any Way You Want It.” Check out their music video for “Don’t Stop Believin'” here.

I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

In the YA book I Believe In A Thing Called Love from author Maurene Goo, Desi Lee uses techniques that she learned from Korean dramas to try to land the guy of her dreams.

Other books by Goo also share titles with songs, like “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane and “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson.

If you were into music in the early 2000s, there’s a chance that you’ll remember the song that shares this book’s title, or its music video that took place in space.

Get your falsetto ready to sing along to The Darkness’ “I Believe In A Thing Called Love“:

“I believe in a thing called love

Just listen to the rhythm of my heart…

I believe in a thing called love

Ooooh ooh ooh”

We are Family by Patricia Hegarty

There isn’t one “right” definition of family, and the children’s book We Are Family explores that idea. Author Patricia Hegarty has written several books with positive and/or inclusive stories for children. The illustrations were by Ryan Wheatcroft.

Let Sister Sledge take you back to the 1970s with “We Are Family”, a song about unity, and a karaoke staple for many. The group was really made up of sisters – it wasn’t just a name – and other hits included “He’s the Greatest Dancer” and “Lost in Music”, as you can see on their website.

Just for You by Mercer Mayer

Just For You is one of many books by illustrator and author Mercer Mayer, whose main character is Little Critter. In this children’s book, Little Critter is trying to help his Mom.

The song “Just For You” is part of Lionel Richie‘s discography.

Richie is a Grammy winning member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. As a member of the Commodores and then a solo artist, his hits included “Easy”, “Three Times a Lady”, “Hello”, “All Night Long”, and more. Richie’s duet with singer Diana Ross, “Endless Love”, is also one of his most popular songs. At the moment, he is a judge on the televised singing competition American Idol.