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Sun’s Out, (Book-Lifting) Guns Out: Book Tank Tops

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I unabashedly love tank tops. I’m also obnoxiously picky about them. The arm holes can’t be too wide. The straps have to have some weight to them. The fabric has to be cozy. And if it’s a tank I’ll be wearing while doing anything physical, it needs to have a neckline high enough to keep from showing off too much of my body. Every time the weather warms up, I get my search on for the perfect tanks, and this year’s quest includes some great book tank tops.

As I dove in, I realized that I couldn’t be alone in my quest for the perfect book tank tops. I’ve rounded up a whole pile of sleeveless book shirts for every kind of reader and everyone who, like me, is picky about the type of tank they prefer.

I’ve got every kind of tank and theme within the book world imaginable here, so hopefully you, like me, found your soulmate in the form of your summer reading uniform.

Perfect Book Tank Tops For Warm Weather Reading

Note that some of the book tank tops featured here will have photos of regular T-shirts. That simply means the design was easier to see up close this way. Anyhow, maybe you need a book pineapple? You can select from a couple different types of tanks. $25 and up.

Keep it simple with this bookish racerback tank top. $22,  with some color options from which to choose.

This book nerd tank looks like my holy grail tank. $32 and up. The buy one, get one deal may not be active at the time of this post.

For fans of that one Wizard Series, your perfect tank top in honor of Harry and pals. $27 and up.

For those at the center of “tank top lover” and “library lover.” $26 with color options.

It’s a lifestyle, this reading business. $21 and up.

How magical books really are! $22, with some customization options.

“I would always rather be happy than dignified” says Jane Eyre. $27 with some options for your own tastes!

They’re nicknamed quitter strips for a reason (I don’t necessarily believe it personally, but it is a nice lil meme for book lovers). $22 with color options.

I’m old, so I have both a book time and a bed time. $27.

The sample item is a T-shirt, but this “I like to party, and by party I mean read books” top is also available as a tank. $18.

Grab this retro read tank and feel those vintage vibes. $30.

Super into this peace, love, books tank top. $20 and up.

Show off your reading unicorn status. $17.

Super into the spooky vibes of this cat, books, and tea tank top! $27.

Yes, indeed. Reading is lit. $17, with plenty of color options.

This reading rainbow tank top is clever as hell. $22 and up.

An important reminder to support your local library. $24 and up.

Love how simple and straightforward this heart books tank top is! $22, with color options, though that black with white really pops.

What more do you need than books & books & books & books & books? $25 and up.

Books > People is not wrong. $22, with color options.

Simple and direct: show the world your bibliophile pride. $22.

For all of the librarians out there. $24.

Yes indeed, this is a beautiful Zora Neale Hurston tank top! $24.

Your evening book tank top would feature bourbon and books, of course. $27.

All the cool kids are reading, and they’re also bragging about it on their tank tops. $26.

Reading is my jam tank top. $26.

I love this one: reading will take you everywhere. Indeed! $29 and up.

Captain America! Goose! What a great tank top for comics lovers. $26.

Book Vibes Only, please! $27.

I’m a little angry they didn’t ask if they could sell my likeness, but here we are: a sloth in a hammock with a book. $25.

Three priorities! $24.

Last, but absolutely not least, decolonize your bookshelf. $28.

Book tank tops not enough for your wardrobe? Load up on some book T-shirts, too.