Great Book Subscription Boxes for Kids

As a kid, there were few things better than getting something just for you in the mail (maybe it’s because kids don’t get bills?). Whether it was a card, a magazine, or a birthday present, few things could beat getting something fun with your name on it, delivered right to your door. As the popularity of subscription boxes has grown over the last few years, many adults have started getting monthly book boxes delivered to them, as a way to stay current with buzzy books or discover new favorites. Now, kids of all ages can join in the fun with book subscription boxes for kids that are tailored for age groups from newborns to young adults.

Whether you know a young reader that loves fantasy stories, wants to craft along with their reading, or just needs something new to read each month, there are great options out there. Book boxes can be a fantastic way to help parents and caregivers find new books for kids, and many of these boxes contain titles that are hand-selected by bookstore staff, bringing their years of experience right to your front door. Book subscription boxes for kids can also diversify your bookshelf and can help kids discover a new favorite author. So, if you have a young reader in your life, take a look at the options below; you’re sure to find one that’s a perfect fit!

1. A Room of One’s Own Books & Gifts

a photo of a group of kids reading

A Room of One’s Own bookstore is one of my favorite local shops, so I was thrilled when they announced their book box programs, which means those not local to the store can still experience the genius of its booksellers. The shop offers everything from board books to YA hardcovers, so this is a great place to look if you have a variety of ages to buy for, and all books are chosen by their expert employees based on a reader survey. Price depends on box chosen.

2. Owl Post Books

Example of Owl Post book subscription box

Owl Post is another book box that can grow along with your child, as they offer boxes for ages zero and up. Their boxes for readers under thirteen also offer an interactive craft that ties into the theme of the books. Price varies between $15 and $30 per month.

3. Reading Bug Box

Reading Bug sample subscription box

The Reading Bug is an independent children’s bookstore and offers book subscription boxes for kids ranging from newborns to tweens. Each book has books handpicked by the store’s staff, as well as goodies to match the book’s theme and a letter explaining why that book was chosen. Buyers can choose from pre-selected or personalized options. Boxes start at $18 per month.

4. OurShelves

OurShelves book box sample

The mission of the OurShelves book subscription box for kids is to ensure that all kids and all families know they have a place in books. OurShelves offers three different boxes: one for newborns to age two, one for ages three to five, and one for ages five to eight. Boxes ship quarterly. Each box features a selection of diverse stories for kids and caregivers to share. Prices start at $50 per quarter.

5. Lillypost

Lillypost book subscription box sample

Lillypost is a book subscription box for younger kids, with each box featuring either board books, picture books, or a mix of both. The books are meant to appeal to young readers and make reading time enjoyable for children and their parents. Prices start at $17 per month.

6. Bookroo

Bookroo subscription sample box

Bookroo offers four different subscription boxes, for kids ranging from zero to twelve. This is one of the only book subscription boxes I’ve seen that specifically has an emerging reader level box, dedicated to beginner chapter books. Each box is focused on books that will meet the developmental level of the reader, and you can also get credit if you already own one of the books you receive. Prices start at $18 per month.

7. OwlCrate Jr.

OwlCrate Jr. book subscription box sample

Made specifically for middle-grade readers, OwlCrate Jr.’s book subscription box for kids is based on creating an interactive experience around the book. Each box features a hardcover, signed middle-grade novel, as well as a letter from the book’s author and four to six items to engage with the theme of the book. OwlCrate also offers a YA subscription box. Prices start at $28 per month.

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