Book Style: ROMEO AND JULIET by William Shakespeare

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Romeo and Juliet Book Style

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Romeo and Juliet is THE play that even non-theater, non-English Lit, non-Shakespeare people know. Nothing like teenagers falling recklessly in lust love and then offing themselves in desperation (with zero troubleshooting or problem solving first) to make for good entertainment.

For an R + J (4 Ever!) Book Style I, naturally, went with a Juliet inspiration. Which just kind of is a Florence Welch inspiration – that woman does Ophelia-chic like no one else. I based the outfit around this romantic “Juliet” dress. The “Capulet” bra and panty set adds a bit of sex appeal underneath it all while a “Paris” vest brings the bohemian chic (and a touch of fall warmth). A pair of rich leather “Montague” boots and an embroidered “Juliet” belt add some weight to the outfit. A “Verona” purse is perfect for stashing illicit love letters and vials of (completely unnecessary poison). For jewelry I chose a “Poison” ring and a “Juliet” ring, poison vial necklace, and a “Love” necklace. For the final touch, “Lovers Creep” is the perfectly melodramatic red nail lacquer.

What’s your opinion on Romeo and Juliet? What’s your favorite work of The Bard’s? (Mine’s Macbeth!)