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The Ultimate Guide to Book Stickers

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Whether you want to decorate your latest notebook, the case of your laptop, or love sharing great swag with friends, if you love reading, chances are book stickers might be something you love.

Find below a wide range of fun, clever, and insightful book stickers. Not included are literary quotes, but pretty much everything else goes. This list is not comprehensive—how could it be?—but you can supplement the gems here with these bookish stickers from last summer or these rad bullet journal supplies for readers.

These are the good kinds of stickers and not the kind you’ll be sighing about being unable to remove from the cover of your favorite book. You’ll want to pop these bad boys any and every where.

Bonus? Most are super affordable for when you need to just give yourself or someone you love a little token of appreciation.

Rad Book Stickers

I like big books sticker. $3.

Love the take on the “Hello” name sticker. $2.60.

There are a number of great options to choose from with this bookworm sticker selection—or, at $2.75 each, grab all of them.

True in a lot of cases, right? $4.

I’m so here for this array of vintage bookworm stickers. $2.75 each.

Pop these audiobook stickers into your planner. $2.75.

Who doesn’t need this sticker? $4.50.

The perfect warning label for readers. $3.25.

What a cute little TBR pile. $4.

Your to-do list showed up on a sticker. $3.75 and up.

A great looking book stack sticker. $4.

Love is books. $4.

Fight Evil, Read Books. $3.75.

I’ve always wanted to be considered cool. $3.50.

No matter your gender, you can be a book babe. $3.25.

The sentiment is one I just love: read everything. $3.

Indeed! $2.

Reading atop a book stack: the bookworm story. $3 and up.

A gorgeous book of pressed flowers. $2.75.

I want ten of these typewriters with flowers. $4.

Read more, featuring some sweet reading specs. $3.

Good ol’ Reading Rainbow love on this bookish sticker. $3.50.

I can’t be the only one getting super witchy vibes from this great stick, right? $3.50.