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The Ultimate Guide To Book Socks For Readers

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If I could go all year without ever putting on real shoes, that would be my dream. But since I live where we get snow and ice, that’s not realistic. My thought is if I’m stuck in foot prisons, then I should at least be able to have a little fun with my socks. I’ve got approximately four categories of socks that I stockpile: cats, rabbits, space, and, of course, book socks.

Find below a massive guide to all things book socks. We’ve got socks for genre fans, for fans of gorgeous books, for fans of specific authors, and so much more. Cozy season is here and it’s the perfect excuse to don those fun, festive, and beloved book socks.

And bonus: if you’re looking for the perfect gift for readers, these socks for book lovers will be right up your alley.

Book Socks That Rock

Read your socks off indeed! I’m obsessed with these. $12.

Be a novel reader with these navy socks featuring so many open books. $28.

Cozy into these book stack socks. $10.

Let anyone you live with know that once your feet are up, you are busy with your book. $10.

These are called booked for mew, and I can’t compete with that. $12.

These book nerd socks look SO cozy. Lots of color options to select among, too. $13 and up.

Want some book nerd socks but with argyle? Gotcha! $13.

Whooooooo doesn’t love a good book? $10.

You’re singing the rest of the song now! $13.

I’m so here for these brightly striped socks that read “I’m all booked up.” Check out the reader on the toes! $16.

Two options for these awesome book socks: Black girl magic, with a woman reading a book, OR a Black woman curled up and reminding everyone to leave her as she reads. Maybe grab ’em both. $15 each.

Socks for readers who always think the book is better than the adaptation. $8.

Yes, yes, yes. $13.

Calling all Austenites! $22.

The most quoted words from The Bell Jar. $12.

Spooky sock season lasts all year long. $15.

These bright book socks would make any day a little better. $12.

I love a good pair of knee high socks! These cats, books, and coffee socks are going to appeal to so many readers. $14.

Cliche? Who cares. These are knee high book worm socks. $12.

Especially in 2020, these socks feel truer than ever. $13.

#Relatable socks for readers here. $7.

I’m loving the jade color of these open book socks. $16.

A twist on the classic C.S. Lewis quote. $4.

Whether you prefer the superhero or the villain or both, you can’t go wrong with either pair of these Batman and Joker socks. $11 each.

Don’t forget about the power of Wonder Woman on your feet. $15 and up.

Spider-Man! $11.

Roar on with these Where The Wild Things Are socks. $12.

Get word nerdy! $13.

For the littlest feet, how adorable are these personalized book socks featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar? $8.30.

Speaking of little feet, these library due date card socks are to die for. $12.

Here are the matching adult library due date card socks. $14.

Sweet library lion socks. $16.

Put the text of a Sherlock Holmes book on your feet. $10.

Flowers, books, and tea, oh my! $16.

If you’re not already, time to change. Get poLITical in your reading because all reading is political. $12.

Need some scary socks? Pennywise is (coming) for you. $11.

Everyone’s favorite girl detective is on the case. These Nancy Drew socks rock. $12.

The ultimate readers lament. $8.

These socks won’t burn, either. $11.

For readers who also love sloths. $10.

I love a good ampersand. These ampersand socks are on my to-buy list now. $13.

I can’t get enough of the cats and puns. $13.

Last, but definitely not least, socks for all of the dangerous women out there. $13.

Want even more to browse and snag? You’ll love these literary socks. And you know what pairs perfectly with a pair of socks for readers (heh)? Some book stickers.