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10 of the Best Spy Novels to Keep You Turning the Pages

In the best spy novels below, you’ll find classics of the spycraft genre as well as new releases from authors whose knowledge of the spy game may surprise you. No matter what you choose, you’ll be drawn into the web of secrets and deceptions contained in these spy novel stories.

10 of the Best Bookish Mother’s Day Gifts

Consider this your sign to pick out bookish Mother’s Day gifts. I’ve been a mom for 12 years, and throughout the journey, I have had all kinds of Mother’s Days. Some, I spent clinging to my sweet babies and grinning until my face hurt. Others, I drove to a town several hours away to have a childless brunch with my sister. There was a year where precious, crayon-scribbled notes were the highlight of my day. There was a year when I arranged the gift I wanted and picked it up myself. If even my 12 short years of motherhood have been so vastly different, it has got to be true that there are a million different desired outcomes for people who mother.

9 of the Best Memoirs to Read

In the past couple of years, many fascinating memoirs have been published, all of which are enlightening and often moving reads. Memoirs have sparked and developed widespread discussions on social issues such as coercive control and institutional abuse, and reading about the experiences of others, including high-profile people who may have seemed to ‘have it all together,’ can often make survivors feel less alone.

The Most Read Books on Goodreads This Week

We’re back again with the most read books on Goodreads this week! It’s always interesting to see how this interacts with the bestseller list — there’s a lot of overlap, but also some differences. This list is also a little more current, since the bestseller lists are usually about two weeks behind. Of course, Goodreads doesn’t offer a complete picture of what everyone in the world is reading — we haven’t reached quite that state of surveillance dystopia — but it’s the closest thing we’ve got. I’ve also included a couple of books from the StoryGraph most popular page at the end, since there are some differences between these platforms.

12 Immersive Romantic Adventure Stories To Take You Away

What is an immersive romantic adventure story? The first word is easy: immersive simply means the reader will immediately be pulled into the story, whether it’s through the hook, the plot, or the storytelling itself. The stories in this list vary in terms of how the story is told, but they all have that one thing that will keep you going.