On Book Riot Live

We had a great time at Book Riot Live 2016. We loved meeting and hanging out with readers, listening and talking with our speakers and guests, and in general just having an excellent weekend around book lovers.

However….boy is it a lot of work. The scheduling, promotion, ticketing, vendor management, talent recruitment, box-opening, sign-making, podcasting, lifting, cleaning, invoicing, the being-invoiced, and the whole host of other things that have to happen for it to be what we want are, to put it frankly, exhausting. For a small company like ours, putting on a Book Riot Live takes so much of our effort and attention that it really has to make financial sense to do it. And, at this point and in this iteration, it doesn’t.

So, there will be no Book Riot Live 2017. Maybe someday we will do something like it again, but for now we are going to try some other Book Riot community experiments (stay tuned).

We are so glad we did Book Riot Live ‘15 & ‘16 and will remember them very fondly. We’d like to thank mightily all of you that attended, exhibited, paneled, and otherwise participated. You are the best.