Book Riot Live

Book Riot Live, Now With Extra Ravenclaw

Book Riot Live will take place in NYC on November 12 & 13. Get your tickets for $20 off with code BOOKNERD!

In our Book Riot Live Interview, we asked our speakers our burning questions about the writing process, publishing, and their Hogwarts House (naturally). To probably no one’s surprise, the answers were overwhelmingly the same — with a few delightful diversions.

Q: Do you know your Hogwarts house?

Jeph Jacques: Ravenclaw.

Joni Rodgers: I’m a little bit Ravenclaw and a little bit rock’n’roll.

Meg Medina: Ravenclaw.

Ayize Jama-Everett: The one with the orgies.

Diane McMartin: Hrm?

Nisi Shawl: Pretty sure I’m Ravenclaw. Of course, as a member of Ravenclaw I would scorn to take any test purporting to tell me.

Charlie Jane Anders: Yes, it’s the Physical Kids. [Editors note: BONUS POINTS FOR The Magicians REFERENCE.]

Alyssa Cole: Different sorting tests gave different results, so I’ll say Ravenclaw with HuffleGryff rising.

Patrick Phillips: I need to ask my niece, Emma! She’d know.