Book Riot Live

Book Riot Live 2016 Goes Live March 28th!

It is almost time! Tickets for Book Riot Live 2016 go on sale next week, on March 28 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

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There are a ton of reasons you should join us, but after much consideration I give you: The Top Three Reasons You Should Come to Book Riot Live.

1. You get to meet the Book Riot Community! And I’m not just talking about the staff and contributors, although you’ll meet a bunch of them too. But you’ll also see the people you comment with on Inbox/Outbox each week, that you compare notes with in the Read Harder Challenge Goodreads group, that you tweet with, that you comment with on Facebook. Our community is amazing, and there is nothing that will ignite your feels more than getting to spend a whole weekend with them.

2. You get to meet and hear from some of your favorite authors and book people! When we’re building the programming, we work hard to invite our community’s favorites. Last year, that meant authors like Margaret Atwood and NK Jemisin (still not over it) and speakers like Danielle Henderson and Jackson Bird. This year, who knows? (Except us, and we’re not telling! Yet.)

3. You’ll find new friends AND new books to love! In addition to those we already know and love, we work hard to find your next favorite authors, bloggers, and fellow readers. Maybe it’s a debut novelist you’d otherwise have missed; maybe it’s a fandom expert who introduces you to a world you didn’t know you needed; maybe it’s the person sitting next to you who shares your love of knitting mysteries.

Mark those calendars, and get ready to join the party at Book Riot Live 2016.

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