Book-Related Startups That Could Definitely Work

Books are back in and venture capitalists are definitely going to start investing, any day now, in innovative book businesses. It’s only a matter of time until brick and mortar bookstore sales eclipse app store sales, so, the time to get in on the ground floor of these book-related startups is now.


Read ‘N Breed: A luxury sperm bank experience filled with erotica and hours-long appointment slots.

Reading for Measure: An intensive two-week crash diet course where books replace regular meals.

Books to Bleed By: A blood bank that will read Vampire fan fiction to you while you donate blood.

Page & Gauge: Look through an antique collection of Victorian literature while having your ears stretched.

Took a Book: A used bookstore where all the books inside have been acquired through illegal means.

Steed Reading: The stakes to learn to read have never been higher than when you’re learning to read on a sprinting horse.

Page sur la Plage: A valet service that will bring you book refills as you finish them on the beach.

Book Pines: Decorative pine trees made out of upcycled book pages.

Bookparks: Parks where book pages replace grass and you can crawl around and read novels on your hands and knees.

Page Gimlet: A bar that serves only $40 gimlets but each drink comes with a recent hardcover about Trump’s presidency.

Words to Sieve By: A baking show where contestants have to produce a baked good and an accompanying short story for the judges to enjoy while tasting their food.

What did we miss? The possibilities are truly endless. Endlessly profitable, that is.