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It’s interesting how many podcasts are cropping up out there, and it’s awesome to see how much they vary. Book Riot writers commonly talk about their favorite sites to visit and Other People with Brad Listi is one of them.

Brad Listi was recently featured as LA Weekly’s most fascinating people of 2015 here. It helps that Listi’s story is an interesting one that is familiar to many writer-readers. The fact that a writer produces work does not guarantee success– indeed it’s very difficult for writers to define success in general.

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Listi’s personal story focuses on his own view of writing and the writing world as an author, podcaster, and one who struggles with his role. What’s awesome here is the personal questions, the open quality of the interviews, and the willingness his subjects show when questioned. In other words, Listi is a damn good interviewer with an ability to discuss just about anything. His discussions of religion in particular make for an awesomely intimate environment that many other interview podcasts just don’t have.

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What else is lovely? The variance of his authors in the publishing world. He goes for the bigger names, like Cheryl Strayed, but also interviews authors with books at small presses who may not get the kind of attention that Strayed does. So, we have a little gem here that is on the rise and a perfect one to tap into.

If you’re looking for a great one to start out with, check out the recent discussion with Amelia Gray on her collection of short stories entitled Gutshot: Stories. Her viewpoint is important, especially her explanation of her own nightmares and eccentricities. It helps the reader understand the oddness of the narrative and where it’s coming from.

In general, when you hear Brad Listi speak about his wife and child, talk to his mom on the phone, or even mention his dog, you know that you could know this guy– indeed, you wish that you could.