Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

Book Nerd Out Giveaway: The Winner!



Always books. Never boring.

We asked book bloggers to tell us about the craziest, nerdiest things they’ve ever done because of a book, and HOO BOY did they deliver! Confirming our belief that book people are the best, most creative, superfun people ever, we got a teeming pile of excellent entries.

Book Riot readers voted on the top three finalists by clicking the Facebook “like” button to show support for their favorite post, and the ladies of Jenny and Kelly Read Books won for their conversation about their personal bookish kryptonite, the Sweet Valley High series.

Please join us in congratulating Jen and Kelly on their $100 bookstore gift card win, and look for their contribution to the Our Reading Lives series soon. Big thanks to all Riot readers who submitted stories, voted, and jumped into conversations on Facebook and Twitter to commune with us in geekery. ‘Til next time…