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10 Book Holders for Reading in Bed

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Jean Kuo Lee

Staff Writer

Jean Kuo Lee is a writer from California with a B.A. in English from UCLA, a former career in interior design, and a current calling to homeschool her children. She writes for parents and kids on several blogs with publications forthcoming. To contact her or to see more of her work, visit Twitter: @JeanKuoLee

Some of the best reading happens in bed, whether for a marathon read or the nightly ritual. Sometimes you’re sitting up, leaning against a reading pillow. Other times you’re lying down. I’m sure that some of you have wished at some point that reading in bed was easier on the arms or neck. I know I have.

We’ve recommended thumb book holders before here on Book Riot. They can really reduce hand fatigue from having to hold a book open for so long. They work great seated or lying down. But what if you want a hands-free book holder? Sure, you could use a book holder designed for desks. But wouldn’t it be nice to invest in a hands-free book holder specially designed for the reclining reader? The right book holders for reading in bed could really make a difference.

For a snuggly and soft solution, I’ve listed some great options below for plush book holders that you wouldn’t mind having on your blanket. I’ve also listed options in case you wanted something more structured, especially if you have neck issues and truly want to recline with no weight to the neck while reading. Check them out and see if they could work for you!

bamboo book holder with plush backing

This beautiful bamboo book holder is perfect on your lap or leaning against some pillows. $30

Hands-free Tablet Holder

This tablet stand is great for uneven surfaces, and lifts the tablet high enough so you can actually read lying down. $40

Book Seat Book Holder

The Book Seat Book Holder keeps your pages open for you and molds itself to any shape for any angled surface. $40

Bed-mounted Book Holder

A bed-mounted book holder might be exactly what you wanted. $100

Standing Book Holder

It might be bulky, but this hands-free book stand rolls around to wherever you want it. Plus you can adjust the reading angle and height. $199

Lap desk with adjustable tilt stand

I love this lap desk with book stand, adjustable tilt, and storage beneath. $74

Two reading pillows (one pink cheetah print and one black with white polka dots) each holding a tablet/e-reader

A reading pillow for propping up your tablet? Perfect. $25

Woman sitting in bed with a height-adjustable book holder over her lap

Here’s a book holder that adjusts for height and angle. $50

White angle-adjustable book stand

A simple angle-adjustable book stand with clean lines. $23

Woman lying in bed with a black fabric-covered tablet holder sitting on her stomach

Fabric-covered with adjustable angles, this tablet holder could be the thing for you. $16

For other book holders for reading in bed, check out our recommendations for portable book stands and wooden book stands.