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Mesmerizing Book GIFs for When You’re Too Stressed to Read

When my brain is going a million miles an hour, a book just won’t do. My eyes slide off the page and I am quickly back in my own mess of thoughts. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to indulge in my bibliophilia! I absolutely love gifs as an art form, and mesmerizing gifs manage to hypnotize my spiraling brain, at least for a minute. Plus, when they’re mesmerizing book gifs, it reminds me how much I love reading, which often leads to me successfully picking up a book! If you, too, like a calming/hypnotizing bookish gif, check these out:

Coffee, cats, and books? What else do you need for a relaxing afternoon?

Rain is a popular choice for that calming effect.

But here’s one if you’re missing summer.

The “book as literal portal” premise is an oldie, but a goodie.

More evidence that cats + coffee + books = calm.

More coffee! And an always-relevant reminder.

More cats! This time, with a melancholic witch.

This looks so cozy. And it suggests that corgis may be substituted for cats, if available.

And lastly, I couldn’t help but include this Harry Potter common room collection.

Do you have any favourite calming book gifs that I missed?

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