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Book Fetish: Volume 490

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The Last to Vanish opens with the disappearance of a journalist who is investigating a string of vanishings in the resort town of Cutter’s Pass—will its dark secrets finally be revealed?

Welcome to Book Fetish: Volume 490, your round up of bookish clothing, art, accessories, reading tools, and more from around the web!

Drawstring backach that reads "Fill this bag with books"

Fill This Bag With Books ($15): I never met a bag I didn’t want to fill with books!

Vinyl sticker that reads "The reason you fall for the villain over the hero of a story is because the hero will choose the world over their lover but the villain will burn it down for insulting his queen."

Book Villain Romance Sticker ($4): Okay, but this is actually a really compelling argument!

a pink floral bookmark that reads "I spent my life folded between the pages of a book."

I Spent My Life Folded Between the Pages of Books Bookmark ($4): Same, bookmark.

A clear acrylic book page holder with painted blue flowers

Floral Book Page Older ($12): Cute, and ergonomic!

white t-shirt with blue-green lettering that says "gimme more books"

Gimme More Books T-Shirt ($24): Forever mood right here.

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