Book Fetish: Volume 314

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I Don’t Give A Slythershit Decal: Harry Potter with a side of profanity. Also available in Ravencrap, Hufflefuck, and Gryffindamn.

White sticker on a wood background. Sticker has black text in Harry Potter-esque font that says, "I don't give a Slythershit."

Women of Color Poets Tote: So much yes. Here for Lucille, Gwendolyn, Maya, Sonia, and Nikki.

Canvas tote with large black text. The text reads, "clifton brooks angelou sanchez giovanni"

The Handmaid’s Tale Minimalist Print: Is there anything more evocative than that white bonnet?

Poster hanging on white brick wall in front of a desk with several items on it. Print has a red background with a stark white Puritan-esque bonnet. Black text at the bottom of the print reads The Handmaid's Tale, 1985, Margaret Atwood

Valyrian Steel Blacksmith Tee: I wonder if becoming a blacksmith of Qohor has any degree qualifications…

Dark grey tee shirt with an illustration of an anvil and blacksmith's hammer in the middle, surrounded by Game of Thrones related text.

Librarian Travel Mug: Even if you’re not a librarian, sometimes people just need to be told to STFU. Especially pre-coffee.

Blue travel mug with an illustration of a librarian shushing and pink text behind her that says, "ssssshhhhhhhhhut the fuck up"

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