Book Fetish: Volume 313 — Sci-Fi Edition

Sponsored by The Robots of Gotham by Todd McAulty

The Robots of Gotham is a near-future novel set in an occupied Chicago in 2083. The world is on the verge of total subjugation by machines, and American resistance has just collapsed. With the war over, a foreign businessman comes to Chicago to profit from the rebuilding, and stumbles on a machine plot to exterminate all life in North America. He assembles an unlikely team of foreign peacekeepers, American resistance fighters, and robots to stop it.

Dune “Fear the Mind” Tee: Never not scary. But this representation is kinddddd of less scary?

black t-shirt with white text, negative space in the text creates outline of sand snake from Dune by Frank Herbert. The title "Dune" is written in black text at the bottom.

Watney’s Martian Survival Camp Mug: I hope you like potatoes. And science.

white coffee mug with blue and orange logo that reads, "Watney's Mars Survival Camp" with a banner at the bottom that says "science the shit out of it"

Ursula K. Le Guin Letterpress Print: If you haven’t read The Dispossessed, what are you even doing?

White cardstock with blue letterpress text that says "To be whole is to be part, true voyage is return" with Ursula Le Guin printed at the bottom

Oasis Tee Shirt: Ready Player One might have the right idea. Can I get an alternate reality while the world burns?

Black tee shirt with text from the 80s that says "I'd Rather Be in the OASIS"

Chat Noir Black Panther Tote: Oooh it’s art.

Woman carrying yellow tote with black straps. Tote has an image of Black Panther in the style of famous French art print.



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