Tailored Book Recommendations Tailored Book Recommendations Tailored Book Recommendations
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Book Fetish: Volume 312

This week’s Book Fetish is sponsored by Murder Takes the High Road by Josh Lanyon.

Murder Takes the High Road by Josh LanyonFrom award-winning male/male author Josh Lanyon: a librarian finds himself in a plot right out of one of his favorite mystery novels
Librarian Carter is determined to enjoy himself on a Scottish bus tour for fans of mystery author Dame Vanessa Rayburn. His roommate turns out to be John Knight, a figure as mysterious as any character from Vanessa’s books.

When a fellow traveler’s death sparks rumors of foul play, Carter searches for answers, trying to fend off his growing attraction toward John. But as unexplained tragedies continue, the whole tour must face the fact that there may be a murderer in their midst—but who?

Dracula Doormat: This is a totally normal sentiment to send to guests, right?

doormat with quote from Bram Stoker's Dracula printed on it

Let’s Get Information Tee: Beyoncé would back this sentiment. She’s all about the knowledge.

woman wearing black shirt with white text that says "okay ladies now let's get information" with a book graphic

Old Book Soap: When sticking your nose in the shelves at a used bookstore just isn’t enough, there’s a soap for that.

yellow bar of soap in the shape of an open book next to a box that says, Classic Book, Old Book Bar Soap

Funny Bookish Pencil Set: Book puns are the best puns.

Five black pencils with bookish puns on them

Word Shoelaces: Perfect for those occasions when you can’t stress your word nerdery hard enough.

red canvas sneakers laced with shoelaces that are covered in words

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