Bacchanal by Veronica G. Henry Bacchanal by Veronica G. Henry Bacchanal by Veronica G. Henry

Book Fetish: Volume 311

This week’s Book Fetish is sponsored by Running Press and Cats on Catnip by Andrew Marttila.

A humorous collection of dozens of photos of funny and adorable cats as they play with, roll in, and chow down their favorite snack of choice—catnip. Professional pet photographer and self-confessed crazy cat man Andrew Marttila captures a range of the cats’ silly and expressive personalities as they react to their catnip trip. Delightful, elegant Fluffy transforms into a hell-bent renegade. Shy, reserved Mittens becomes a free-loving acrobat. In the blink of an eye, a cat’s expression transforms from bored to inquisitive to playful to curious to bizarre…to utterly unhinged.

Snuggle This Muggle Onesie Set: They won’t even care about being a muggle when they look this cute.

yawning baby wearing striped leggings and hat and harry potter "snuggle this muggle" onesie

Romancelandia Tote Bag: Proud citizen and HEA devotee.

cream tote bag with "Romancelandia" on the front

Book Stack Magnetic Bookmark: Books on books on books.

Illustrated book stack magnetic bookmark on a page

Winnie The Pooh Art Print: Everyone could use a daily reminder to be a little braver, a little stronger, a little smarter.

Watercolor Print with Winnie-the-Pooh quote

Tattooed Bookworm Tank: Don’t let those nerd glasses fool you.

Young Black Woman wearing black tank top with books, says "Tattooed Bookworm, Inked and Educated, Don't Stereotype"


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