Book Fetish: Shirley Jackson Edition

For as long as I’ve been reading Shirley Jackson, I’ve wanted a t-shirt that proclaims “I won the lottery and all I got was stoned.” Until that t-shirt exists, I must satisfy my urge to make my life as quietly menacing and unexpectedly comedic as a Jackson novel with this fantastic Shirley Jackson book fetish!

Decorate your fridge or white board with these magnets of four of Jackson’s best-known books:

Start a fire with this Haunting of Hill House book of matches:

Those matches can light this Saint Shirley candle:

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You should be honored to have Shirley’s face grace your phone with this iPhone case:

Wear your love of We Have Always Lived in the Castle on a necklace:

Or put The Haunting of Hill House on your face with this vegan make-up, in Hill House (warm brown with teal shimmer!):

In case anyone has any doubts as to whose team you’re on, just throw on this Shirley t-shirt:

Insist on your cup of stars with this solid 14k gold necklace:

This Merricat tea blend will pair perfectly with a We Have Always Lived in the Castle re-read, and it won’t poison you, probably:

Carry around your collection of Jackson books in this Lottery tote bag:

The Book Riot shop totally has you covered with this We Have Always Lived in the Castle t-shirt, available in both men and women’s fits:

Prints galore!

A Cup of Stars:

Delight in what you fear!

Never forget the lottery:

Dare to enter Hill House:

Allow Shirley herself to bless your reading space:

Because Shirley Jackson just rules, okay?

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