Book Fetish: Jane Austen Edition

We’re celebrating Jane Austen on this, the day of her death, with a bevy of posts about her work and legacy. See all the posts here.

It’s an all Jane, all day edition of Fetish!

Emma Locket: Where I ask?

Know Your Own Happiness Tee: For the Sense and Sensibility fans in the crowd.

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Austen Saint Candle: Pray to the ultimate Saint Jane.

Northanger Abbey Alphabet Print: From A to ZNorthanger Abbey is unforgettable.

Keep Calm Tee: Mrs. Bennett is everyone’s favorite nervous mother.

No Enjoyment Like Reading Socks: Perfect for #socksunday. Do it for the ‘gram.

Watercolor Book Stack: Pair those socks with this Pride & Prejudice print.

Persuasion Necklace: Half agony, half hope.

Men of Austen Helvetica T-Shirt: One for the dudes. (Don’t worry, there’s a women of Austen shirt too.)

Jane Austen Library Candle: Smells like what you want 19th century country living to smell like. (Not what it actually probably smelled like.)

Obstinate Tote: Insult? Or battle cry? (I’m going with battle cry.)

What are Men Sticker: Who needs a dude when you have nature and places to get dirty? Totally what Jane meant by this, right?

Sense & Sensibility Scarf: Great for turning on your heels indignantly.

Jane Austen Location Tote: Forget Darcy. I want to go to Pemberley. And all the other fictional places. Road trip?

Pride and Prejudice Rocks Glass: You know Lizzy would’ve been a whiskey drinker.