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Book Fabric For Face Masks, Totes, and Other Handmade Goods

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When face masks became requirements in various parts of the U.S., we highlighted some of the best book masks you could snag. Of course, for the crafty readers out there, we also pulled together a look at some of the best book-themed fabric for creating your own masks.

Since it’s been nearly six months and face masks have become more common and necessary, let’s dig into some new, fun, and creative book-themed fabric for creating even more masks. Note, of course, these fabrics would be outstanding choices for creating totes, pillow cases, book protectors, or anything else if you’re making handmade gifts for yourself or another reader.

Find below an array of book-themed fabrics that haven’t already been spotlighted here for your crafty consideration!

This blue fabric features an array of cute creatures reading their favorite books. $5 and up.

This Winnie-the-Pooh fabric is too freaking cute. $4 and up.

Throwback to old-school library fabric! $4 and up.

If you love yourself genre, you’ll want some genre fabric. $5 and up.

This won’t be the last cats-and-books fabric you see featured. How cute are these little jerks with their vintage tomes? $4 and up.

Talk about some koala-fied readers. $5.20 and up.

Rainbow shelving is so pretty to look at! Carry that aesthetic to whatever you create with this book-themed fabric. $5 and up.

All of your little doxies and books in a row! $5 and up.

Lovely book stacks against a coral background. $6 and up.

This fabric is called “cool nerd kid” fabric and that’s the perfect description. $5.

Fabric that could be described as all things hygge. $5 and up.

I hope it’s a bear-y good read! $6 and up.

Avengers fabric for all of the Marvel comics fans. $6 and up.

Doesn’t the little chipmunk look like he’s begging to be read to? $3 and up.

A damask print for the Austenites. $5 and up.

All right, librarians, this library fabric is extremely for you. $5 and up.

Pink and red books peppered with some cute little bookworms. $5 and up.

Take a book, leave a book. $5 and up.

I promised more books and cats and I did not lie. $5 and up.

As a fan of mod design and owls, this fabric is my everything. $5 and up.

Book themed fabric that is both mod AND kitch. $5 and up.

Talking books! $5 and up.

Enjoy some dreamy fairytale fabric. $5 and up.

Window reading is the best reading. $3.50 and up.

Last, but not least, this sweet bunny and book fabric. Starting in half-yard increments at $10.