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Save Your Pages With Book Darts and Page Markers

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I bet dollars to donuts we all have a favorite bookmark. You know the one: it has a story attached to it in some way or has a design or pattern that you simply love.

But sometimes, a bookmark won’t be enough to keep track of favorite lines in your book or holding multiple pages at once for reference. There’s also always the chance a bookmark might cause unintentional harm to a book and you want to ensure that particular title remains pristine. Enter: book darts and page markers.

Book darts and page markers allow you to hold multiple pages and point to numerous lines within a book. They’re either lightly sticky (this is key, as you don’t want them to be super sticky or they’ll cause damage!) or they’re magnetic. Some are simply like loose paperclips that won’t leave a crease in your page where you leave it.

Find below a wide array of page darts and page markers. There are standard styles, as well as some fancy ones, and, of course, some really fun ones. Whatever you choose, your books will thank you.

Book Darts and Page Markers

These book darts are simple and stylish and will keep your book pages pristine. 30 for $18.

Choose from silver, gold, or bronze and never lose the place of a favorite line. $15 for 125 page markers.

Your pages will be pristine when you use these elastic bookmarks with line markers. Save your spot in your book and the exact line where you stopped. $28 for a set of four.

Same idea, but  this time with a finger pointing to your last line. $11 for a set of seven.

Choose from among a whole bunch of really fun designs with these line markers. I love the bright colors and patterns pictured above, but you can also score a penguin/iguana set or an ice cream cone/carrot set, among others. $6 for two.

Keep your place with these brightly-colored magnetic page markers. Set of 20 will run you $8.

Want your books to have a stately look? These brass page markers will do just that. $10 for a set of six.

If you’re a fan of Anne of Green Gables, you’ll want these page markers that are inspired by the series. $10 for a set of 10. You can also grab sets featuring world travel or Moby Dick.

This collection of line markers is called get to the point for a reason. A set of 10 will set you back 10 bones.

Your books deserve a little music, don’t they? These musical book page markers are the perfect way to provide just that. $4.20 for a set of 20. For Christmas fans, there’s a set of Christmas page markers, too.

You will literally never run out of page markers with this set of 1200 page tabs. A nice array of colors and shapes to add to your books. $9 for the entire shebang.

While this set of sticky page tabs isn’t as neat and pristine as those above, how can you not be intrigued by what are called “hungry candy beans?” The facial expressions are everything. $7 for six sets of 30 stickies each.

Some of these magnetic page markers are so weird and I love them for it (“hubby’s dream” with a purple flower on it makes no sense and yet somehow does?). $10 for a set of 30. If you purchase this, please do share what gems are in here.

Meow, meow, meow. Look at these kitty page markers! $8 for a set of 360.

Kawaii! Look at this range of cute animal page markers you can score. This is a set of eight packs and they’re only $12.

More traditional copper book darts. A set of 50 will run you $11.

Fancy up your page holding with these metallic bows. $2.50 each.

Love, love, LOVE these ombre page markers. These would add such a cool pop of color while doing the work of keeping tabs on lines and pages you don’t want to forget. $3.25 each set.

Choose from cute animals, teddy bears, playing cards, or houses with these mini page markers. $10 per set.

I had to include photos of all the adorable options with these metal page markers. You can get coffee and ice cream! Book themed! Bears! Plants! These’ll set you back $7.30 for each set.

Tropical leaves that don’t leave a stain in your books but instead, hold your page in place. $2.22.

Last, but not least, pick up a set of these teardrop page markers. You can choose gold or black, and either would look great in your book. $2.40 for six.

Looking for more great no-damage bookmarks? Here are some sweet page tabs and some excellent magnetic bookmarks