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Beautiful Book Cover Posters For Your Walls

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One way to add a little more literary flair to your life is to plaster book cover posters on your walls, be those walls in your home, your office, your library, your classroom, or otherwise. There are so many takes on book cover posters, and yet, unlike movie posters, they haven’t taken off in quite the same way.

I suspect, though, once you get a look at these classic and modernized/reinterpreted book cover posters, you’ll be wanting to add so many to your life, whether or not you’ve read the book.

Get ready to bookify your spaces, as there’s something here for everyone, whether you love children’s literature, classics, or contemporary literature.

Note: some of these book cover posters are instant downloads, which are noted below where applicable. Others you’ll be eagerly checking your mail for every day.

You can grab this Dune cover with or without the text. I think it looks kind of neat to have both options side by side like this. $4, instant download.

You’ll be seeing a few book covers in this style because they’re so fun. It’s Half of a Yellow Sun printed on a vintage encyclopedia page. $9 for the digital download.

Meow, meow! $9.

The book cover poster for Fahrenheit 451 is gorgeous. $9 for the digital download.

Maybe you want more of a 1984 dystopia for your walls. $9 for the digital download.

Pippi Longstocking! $9 for the digital download.

The minimalism on this Hobbit book cover poster is great. $15 and up, depending on size.

This one’s a classic book cover for a reason. $7 and up.

Indeed, there are a lot of rad comic book cover posters, too! Enjoy The Incredible Hulk #181. $9.

Maybe The Avengers is more your style! $9.

Your walls will become a little more surreal with a Murakami book cover poster. $9 for the digital download.

Love this Dracula book cover poster so much. $20 and up.

Vintage! Lesbian! Pulp! Book! Cover! Art! $38 and up.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s classic One Hundred Years of Solitude has such a fantastic cover, doesn’t it? $9 for the digital download.

For the murder mystery fans out there. $21 and up.

Down the rabbit hole with this Alice in Wonderland book cover poster. $6 for the digital download.

Take a trip across the galaxy with this book cover poster. $15 and up.

Deck your walls with Batman and Robin. $9.

The iconic first cover for Saga! $9.

Grab a poster of Ellen Raskin’s The Westing Game for your kid’s room…or your own because you love that book. $9 for the digital download.

Sherlock fans, this one is for you. $7 and up.

Everything about this Jane Eyre book cover poster is gorgeously atmospheric. $9 for the digital download.

One of my favorite books with a stunning book cover. $7 and up.

Who doesn’t love Winnie-The-Pooh? $12 and up.

Black Panther would look so good just about anywhere. $3 and up.

No roundup of book cover posters would be complete without at least one Penguin Books example or one Brontë, would it? Why not grab it in one poster? $21 and up.

A beautiful rendition of The Bell Jar. $9 for the digital download.

For readers who love all things spooky. $3 and up.

There are so many fantastic book cover posters for The Metamorphosis, including this gem. $15 and up.

Peter Rabbit would look adorable in a nursery. $15 and up.

This might be my favorite Pride and Prejudice cover. $6 for the digital download.

Did anyone else have the Poky Little Puppy book growing up? $16 and up.

Last, but not least, how gorgeous is this book cover poster for A Raisin In The Sun? $9 for the digital download.

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