Book Cart Drill Team–Further Proof that Librarians Kick Ass

These bits of awesome come to us by way of a librarian friend of mine who mentioned her book cart drill team in passing. Like book cart drill teams are just a thing everyone knows about! Well, now you do. Behold: happy-making videos of librarians who love books so much, they take ’em dancing.

It’s a brave lady who will wear sweatpants with words on her bum. It’s an awesome one who makes the word “books.” Bonus points here for the Sir Mix-A-Lot remix.



These ladies take their book carts around the dance floor for a very dignified Waltz. And then! Then they get funky! I defy you to think of a better name than The Dewey Decimators for a group of librarians doing….anything.



The Page Turners rewrote a bunch of oldies hits. And they are awesome.



You’ve gotta love librarians who are willing to parody Katy Perry. “I know a place / where the books are so exciting.” FTW, ladies.



Ladies and gentlemen, The Night of the Living Librarians.