25 Book Cakes to Brighten Your Day

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Staring at book cakes makes me sigh in longing and despair. I have many talents. Alas, baking isn’t remotely one of them. I tell myself that my failure to cook honeyed creations stems from a lack of interest rather than a lack of skill, but, well.

We all tell ourselves lies sometimes.

That is why I’m always impressed by the people who can bake beautiful cakes. And of course, the truly amazing cakes are shaped like books.

Here are 25 of my favorite book cakes. Some of them feature well-known titles and other are book adjacent. There are Harry Potter cakes, cakes about famous novels, children’s book cakes, and all other types of bookish cakes that bookstagram could envision. (And if these aren’t enough, there are bookish wedding cakes as well.)

I firmly believe there is a book cake for every book lover. Which one suits you?

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25 Beautiful Book Cakes

Perhaps a dragon book cake à la Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings is up your alley?

Or maybe you’d rather have a book cake of Alice in Wonderland.

You can always have a Where the Wild Things Are cake.

But cakes about The Very Hungry Caterpillar are good too.

And who doesn’t love a penguin book cake?


Or a mysterious, grey Book Thief cake?


This Peter Rabbit cake can help you welcome spring.

And if you need a baby shower cake, Mother Goose can help you out.

This Like Water for Chocolate cake is mouthwatering and lovely.

And this Goodnight Moon cake embodies nostalgia.

A chocolate Harry Potter cake complete with a snitch can make some magic.

But if you’d rather have a sorting hat, this cake has that covered.

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Sometimes a Diary of a Wimpy Kid cake is on the menu.

And in other cases, you want to sink your teeth into these classy, leather bound books.

But a Gangsta Granny cake will remind you what’s really important in life.

This hand painted cake of Asterix is perfect for a Francophile.


This Alice in Wonderland cake might inspire you to host a tea party.

And these stars will help light your way.

Though learning a spell or two certainly won’t hurt you on your journey.

There is always a fairytale cake or two to help spark your imagination

And this The Isle of the Lost cake will make it flourish.

Who would have guessed a Phantom Tollbooth cake could have so much detail?

…The person who created this birthday book cake, probably.


Red Riding Hood could have made friends with the wolf if she had fed him a slice of this cake.

But when book cakes like this Peter Rabbit one exist, who can worry about a little wolf?

So what do you think? Do these book cakes make you want to open your own bookish bakery? Do you have ideas for your own bookish baked goods? These tasty treats are inspiring, but now I don’t know whether to bury my face in a novel or in a bucket of buttercream.