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Vibe With These Boho Book Goods

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

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When Del Castigliano left Wisconsin to work homicide for the Seattle PD, he never imagined his first case would be such a big catch: the bodies of two unidentified men fished from Lake Union. It’s a major opportunity for the new detective, and Del runs with it, chasing every lead—to every dead end. Despite the help of another section rookie, Vic Fazzio, Del is going nowhere fast until one shotgun theory looks to be dead right. But critical information is missing—or purposely hidden. Welcome to the force, Detective. Watch your back.

Are you a fan of saturated neutrals and pastels? Maybe you’re deep into the world of light-colored rainbows, butterflies, and other fun, earthy patterns, or love all things inspired by the hippie and free spirited movement of the 1960s and ’70s. If any of these things fall into your personal aesthetic, chances are you know you can consider yourself boho chic.

Not yet down with boho as a style with which you vibe? I suspect once you check out this array of awesome boho book goods, you might find yourself unable to resist the look. Boho is casual and carefree, without much rigidity, meaning that while there are certainly things and ways of looking boho, if it feels boho, then that’s far more important. One of the best descriptions I found for how to define the aesthetic is “an eclectic assortment of collected objects” like you might find as you travel the world through flea markets.

Maybe you’re not traveling the world, but Etsy sure as heck does a great job of allowing you to do so virtually while also being a perfect place for all of those neat boho bookish goods.

Find below bookmarks, stickers, shirts, and more, all with that bohemian free spirited feel. Make your body, your home, and your reading life a collection of things you like looking at and which let you feel cozy right now.

Boho Bookish Finds on Etsy

Image of a sticker featuring an open brown book with flowers coming from the pages.

Books and florals will give any surface needing a little sticker flourish the perfect pizzazz. $4

Polymer clay wall hanging, featuring a taupe mug on a stack of neutral books, with a white flower to the side.

I want this polymer clay book wall hanging as art in my house right now. The detail on this is amazing. $50

Image of a book stamp featuring a series of rainbows with a half moon beneath it. The top reads "From the Library Of" and beneath the rainbow is where a custom name can be added.

Keep track of all your precious books with this gorgeous personalized “from the library of” stamp featuring rainbows, leaves, moons, and stars. $21 and up

Image of a set of bookends that look like a desert sunsset.

This set of bookends that look like a desert sunset is dreamy AF. $35 and up

Four mustard-color book sleeves, each featuring the moon phases, standing up in a metal bookstand.

I’ve never wanted to use a book sleeve more than I do right now because of these mustard-colored moon phase sleeves. $13 and up

Purple pink and black yarn are crocheted into a wall hanging with a slot for holding a book.

Stow your current read in this fun crochet wall holder for a book. Pop it in an open space in your reading nook. $27

Image of five different styles of bookshelf earrings in a neutral color palate, with pops of bright color.

My favorite thing about statement earrings like the five choices above is how clear it is they are handmade, meaning each and every pair is slightly different and special. $18 and up

Two lavender colored books made of polymer clay are on keychain hooks. The one at the front shows purple flowers and the one behind has three green leaves.

These purple book keychains made from polymer clay would look perfect on your keys. $15

Two magnetic bookmarks on top of a page. The one on the left is a turquoise design, while the one on the right is a brightly colored rainbow.

Whether you’re here for a turquoise sun or a rainbow, the good news is you don’t have to choose. This set of magnetic bookmarks comes together for $5.

Image of a journal with moon phases on the cover. It's on a tray with jewelry, a cactus, and eye glasses.

Your perfect travel companion for writing down all of your bookish thoughts: this moon journal. $15

Image of a print featuring a Black woman wearing tennis shoes, a white sweatshirt, reading a book. She is sitting beside a pile of books.

I want to be friends with the woman in this gorgeous bookish print. $6 for the digital download.

Image of an ivory colored shirt. Text in the middle of the shirt says "Bookish Vibes," with bright colors radiating out from it.

A bookish vibes tee that is giving so many cozy, get-a-book-in-my-hands-right-now vibes. $28 and up

Ombre ivory book stack keychain held by a white hand in front of a bookshelf.

Peep this lovely ivory and brown ombre book stack keychain. $4

Image of an embroidery featuring open books and flowers coming out.

This floral-and-book embroidery is swoon-worthy. $16

White print with the words "read more books" in a swoopy, 70s font.

Download and print this “Read more books” print and put it in a place where you can remind yourself what the goal always is. $5

Image of a canvas tote bag with the words "read. return. repeat." The bag is on the back of a white chair and beside a big plant.

This might be the perfect tote bag for boho enthusiasts. Simple and yet not. $20

Image of a white bookmark on an open book. The bookmark reads "Shine Bright," and between the words are the moon phases.

Moon phases + two suns + neutral colors = Shine Bright indeed, bookmark. $4

Image of a white sweatshirt with a rainbow and the words "reading is cool." There is a plant in front of it.

The vintage meets bohemian style of this reading is cool sweatshirt is begging me to buy it. $44

Four panel print. The first is an open book with a couple of sprouts. The second has a watering can and the blooms are growing. The next two panels feature a son and a book bursting with flowers.

Be kind to your mind! Water it with books. This print is SO pretty. $13 and up

Multiple purple designs on macrame.

Macrame is a boho staple and this piece inspired by Alice in Wonderland‘s Cheshire Cat is one of a kind. Even if Alice isn’t your jam, the uniqueness of this handmade art is noteworthy. $124

Sage green shirt with a rounded bookshelf, a comfy chair, and plants.

I want to crawl inside this sage, slouchy book tee and get cozy. $21

Image of five different handmade, woven bookmarks in a number of colors.

Woven bookmarks! Pick a color way you love and delight in these handmade page-savers. $11

Silver book earrings with black snakes on them.

There was a real cover trend for a couple of years of snakes on books. These earrings honor that but they are…just really awesome boho bookish earrings. $15

Image of a brown bookmark with a half moon, leaves, and stars.

Finally, how can you not want to have this gorgeous witchy-meets-bohemian bookmark? $3

Itching for more now? You’ll drool over these witchy bookish goods and these dark academia gifts, both of which would overlap neatly with boho aesthetics.