16 Bodyguard Romance Novels You Can’t Live Without Trying

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Silvana Reyes Lopez

Senior Contributor

Silvana Reyes is a Mexican book blogger. She enjoys all types of sub-genres, but loves a good love story. Romance fiction is her heart and joy and you might find her screaming about book releases on her Twitter account.

Silvana Reyes Lopez

Senior Contributor

Silvana Reyes is a Mexican book blogger. She enjoys all types of sub-genres, but loves a good love story. Romance fiction is her heart and joy and you might find her screaming about book releases on her Twitter account.

Don’t you just love the bodyguard trope? The whole protecting you and caring for you and keeping you safe so nothing happens? From contemporary to paranormal to fantasy, these 16 bodyguard romance novels will make you fall in love very quickly.

I remember the movie The Bodyguard (1992) with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner as protagonists. We all can admit there was some swooning while watching it. Hard. This trope has something special, something sweet and something really tempting. I always crave something more whenever I read other books but when it comes to bodyguard trope in romance novels, they really leave you in the perfect romantic mood. They move your heartstrings and play with your emotions but we all know and we let them! It’s fascinating to see the whole story from the beginning to an end.

If you’re in the mood for something like this, today is your day because we’re getting into it. Let’s share the love for the bodyguard trope in romance novels.

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Bodyguard Romance Novels

Ivan by Kit Rocha coverIvan by Kit Rocha

Kit Rocha’s latest has all the tropes you want: princess/bodyguard, cool and icy hero, “I’ll throw my life for yours” trope.

It is the third in a series and I highly recommend reading the first two, but all of them are stand-alones, so if you want to skip the others, it’s a good choice too!

The Infamous Miss Rodriguez by Lydia San Andres

Most heroines in historical romances don’t want to be scandalous or don’t want to create scandal. Not this one. Graciela Rodriguez doesn’t want to marry Ciudad Real’s most eligible bachelor. So she wants to ruin her reputation and create a scandal! Her aunt hires a bodyguard to stop her from ruining it and sparks fly.

Hidden Impact by Piper J. Drake

Mercenary hero will ensure all his missions are successful. He will do anything except get emotionally invested. Between his missions, being a bodyguard is all he wants to do right now.

Heroine is desperate to find her missing sister. No one seems to listen to her or care about that. She asks this aloof bodyguard for help, but he also brushes her off—right before she almost gets killed in a hit-and-run right before his eyes.

Vindicated by Sharon C. Cooper

When security specialist meet this stuntwoman and adrenaline junkie, sparks fly. She believes that when she wants something, she goes for it hard. So she goes for Hamilton really hard. But then she is targeted by an unknown enemy and he decides he must do everything to protect her.

Guarding His Body by AC Arthur

This petite bodyguard has the task to guard this ex-marine turned sculptor. But when their fiery chemistry gets in the way, will she be able to not lose her heart?

Sin by Nana Malone

His job has always been protecting. He has ignored dating and love for such a long time. So what will happen when this virgin bodyguard meets this girl?

Loving the Princess coverLoving the Princess by A.C. Arthur

When this princess shares a kiss with a stranger, her romantic dreams surface for a moment. But she knows they always have to come second to her realm. She gets a surprise when that stranger ends up being her newest bodyguard and the person hired to keep her and the throne safe.

Enemies Like You by Joanna Chambers, Annika Martin

There is a little problem between these two: they’re enemies. Why, you say? Because one is hired to kill the billionaire that the other one is protecting.

The Bodyguard: A Romantic Suspense Novel by Ruchi Singh

Someone wants him dead and he refuses to get protection from the government. The solution? He gets a bodyguard, who is not happy to help him.

Viable Threat by Julie Rowe

Special Forces soldier and medic Walter wants to rattle the no-nonsense Dr. Lloyd he’s protecting. But with so many problems around them, it’s becoming rather hard to do it. He hopes he gets a chance if he manages to keep them both alive.

Nobody Does It Better by Lexi Blake

Kayla Summer is an elite CIA double agent who is sent on a mission. To where? Hollywood, the land of stars. She is tasked to protect Hollywood’s highest paid actor, and he is a hottie.

Booty CallBooty Call cover by Ainsley Booth

A college senior sets her sights on an older and more experienced ex–Navy SEAL bodyguard in this romance.

Save the Date by Heather C. Myers

Her father is in charge of the CIA. After receiving threats on her life, her dad assigns her a bodyguard under the ruse of a fake marriage.

Third Son’s A Charm by Shana Galen

More for the historical fans, here is another bodyguard trope romance for you. Ewan is offered a job looking out for the Duke’s daughter. He thinks it’s not going to be that hard. Until he sees Lady Lorraine.

Her Bodyguard by Sabrina Paige

His job is to protect this princess. Even if she does everything in her power to ignore everything he says. The rule is don’t hook up with a bodyguard, but for these two, it’s getting harder.

Sin City Temptation by Sharon C. Cooper

When bizarre incidents keep happening in the poker tour, this former–police officer–now-bodyguard is tasked to guard professional poker player Gunner.