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10 Blind Dates With a Book You’ll Fall in Love With

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Katie Moench


Katie Moench is a librarian, runner, and lover of baked goods. A school librarian in the Upper Midwest, Katie lives with her husband and dog and spends her free time drinking coffee, trying new recipes, and adding to her TBR.

Would you ever go on a blind date? What if the date promised you not a potentially awkward evening with a friend of a friend, but instead a book from your favorite genre? Just think: a cozy evening, with a surprise book just for you, and potentially a few bookish goodies, snacks, or a cup of hot chocolate to make for the perfect date. What a wonderful gift for yourself or your bookish friend to unwrap this holiday season.

Blind dates with a book have been taking off, whether through Valentine-themed book displays or online shops, and it’s no wonder when you think about why. Combining the thrill of a new book with the excitement and surprise of having a book chosen for you, these books make a perfect treat for any book lover. What’s more, they can be found in a variety of types, from books themed around a holiday or genre, to entire boxes that include not just the blind date book, but also candles, bookmarks, or other treats. Not only are the books wrapped, to add to the surprise, but many sellers decorate them to suit the theme. You can even find blind date with a book sellers that specialize in second-hand or rare books, or ones who will look at your Goodreads account to find the perfect choice! Below are some great blind date with a book options for you to fall in love with.

Blind date with a book gift box

Each of these date boxes includes a book in a chosen genre, as well as sweet treats and a bookmark. Creator Meg will even take a look at your Goodreads profile if you want! $40+

A book wrapped in brown paper and a soy wax candle in a jar

Each of these blind date books comes with a soy wax candle! $27

Halloween themed blind date with a book

Halloween may be over, but the spooky reads fans in your life will still love going on a blind date with this book, which will either be a mystery, a thriller, or a horror novel. $15

Blind date book with scrapbooked cover

I’m amazed by the beautiful, scrapbook-style decorations on each of these books, not to mention that the shop has many genres for you to pick your blind date from! $14+

Blind date with a horror book gift package

Your favorite horror fan will fall in love with this blind date with a book that includes a bookmark, stickers, and the option to add on a handmade book sleeve. $25

Blind date with a Christmas book gift package

If you have a fan of Christmas books on your gift list, grab this blind date with a book that features a Christmas-themed story. $12

Blind date book and snacks gift package

Foodies will gobble up this blind date with a book; every package comes with a book, snack, and donation to a nonprofit. $25

Blind date book with pine trees on the front

I love the beautiful simplicity of this blind date with a book, as well as the fact that you can select the genres you do or don’t want to receive. $15

A hand holding a book wrapped in brown paper that says "science fiction"

Give the gift of science fiction with one of these blind date books. $15

black and white themed Blind date book package

Pick your age category as well as your favorite genres and themes to help the seller package your perfect blind date with a book. You can also link to your Goodreads! $14

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