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Give The Perfect Bird Gifts for Book Lovers

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Aside from curling up with a book, my favorite hammock activity during the warm season is bird watching. I live in an old house in a neighborhood with 100+ year old trees, so in addition to a lovely canopy of shade to lie beneath, the trees above provide many great flying friends to enjoy. I keep tabs on the local cardinals—we have a family in our juniper tree that has made several generations of new cardinals—as well as the woodpeckers, the robins, the hawks, and yes, we’ve even seen a sandhill crane in the yard. Whenever I watch birds, I’m reminded how much time I spent learning about them as a kid and how people knew one thing they could give me would always satisfy: bird gifts.

Owl mugs, bird art, parrot bookends: I love good bird gifts, and for those who, like me, fall right in the center of “bird lover” and “book lover,” you’re in for a treat with this wide array of perfect bird gifts for book lovers.

Whatever your favorite feathered friend might be, there’s a perfect bookish bird gift here for you or for that person who you know would just love it.

Bird Gifts for Book Lovers

I’m pro do-what-you-want-with-books-you-own, as well as pro book art. This is a gorgeous piece of bird book art. $35.

Swoon over these vintage-looking bird bookplates. Ten will set you back $13.

Sweet chunky birds decorate this notebook. $6.50 and up.

In gold or silver, it doesn’t matter. These owl reading earrings are awesome. $17 and up.

I’d love seeing this letterpress greeting card in my mailbox! $1.50.

Wrap your little one in this adorable bird bodysuit. $25 and up.

Speaking of book art, check out this bird carved into a book! Talk about a conversation piece for your shelf. $36.

Birds in the library! Put this piece of art in your home library. $9.

Owls + Books + Stickers = So great. $2.40 and up.

Keep your book safe with this penguin book sleeve. $17 and up.

What a lovely parrot bookmark! $7.

This is clever: it’s a padded bookmark sleeve to protect your bookmarks. The birds are adorable. $10.

It’s a beautiful magpie who happens to be a bookworm. $33 for the digital collage print.

Perhaps your shelves need some vintage-inspired bird bookends. These are available in a number of different colors. $26.

Maybe metal songbird bookends are more your calling. This set is $65.

This bright bird bookmark will keep your page safe for you. $5 with some color options.

Take off with this birds in flight notebook. $8.

Keep your precious things safe in this faux book box. $30.

Are you into book journaling or want something really unique to put inside your personal library? You’ll want these bird-inspired vintage library cards. $13 for a set of ten.

Would it be a collection of bird gifts without the beloved birds on a wire motif? Grab a dictionary page with the design for some gorgeous wall art. $10.

Peacock book plates. You can personalize these, too! Ten for $13.

Love this bird corner bookmark. $8.

One of those bird gifts that’s literally FOR the birds: a book birdhouse! $60.

Don some origami crane earrings. $14 and up.

A brass bookmark means business. $24.

Write your TBR down in this nightingale notebook. $6.

How cool is this washi tape featuring bird encyclopedia pages? $1.50 and up.

The best for last, of course—or maybe this is simply a sign of my age. You’ll be able to enjoy your book with this bird chain to keep your readers up (and you, stylish!). $18.

Need more? Grab some perfect gifts for pets or sneak in and grab some great bookish gifts for fox lovers.