The 5 Types of Bibliophiles We Envy

Maegan Donovan

Staff Writer

Maegan Donovan is a Southern-born, New England transplant raising a daughter with her husband in the Midwest. After earning her M.A. in History from the University of Rhode Island, she moved to Boston, followed by Kansas, Delaware, California and Kansas again. When she's not chasing her toddler (which is nearly always), she's reading, mentally planning European vacations, trying to learn Latin or feeling guilty about neglecting her blog, Lovely Leanings. The only two things guaranteed to be in her purse are a book and a bottle of hot sauce.

Shakespeare’s tragedy about falling prey to the green-eyed monster should serve as a cautionary tale to us all about giving in to feelings of jealousy. But to be fair, Shakespeare was not living in the age of Instagram and Pinterest. Between scrolling through the endless array of perfectly styled library pictures and being assailed by the constant onslaught of #bookstagram posts, it’s difficult not to envy the certain type of reader who lives the perfect bookish lifestyle to which we all aspire.

The Collector

Anyone can build a library, but it takes tenacity and research (and sometimes a small fortune) to amass a comprehensive collection. Whether it’s a group of first editions, a compendium of works from a favored author, multiple editions of the same book, or simply an assemblage of books on a particular topic, building a drool-worthy collection is a formidable hobby.

The one with the Pinterest-worthy library

Built-in floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Rolling library ladders. Plush chaise lounges casually arranged in front of a fireplace and old art work. Oh, and books everywhere. This is the stuff book lovers’ dreams are made of. Whether it’s simply organizing rows of picture-perfect bookshelves or featuring a two-storied library that would make Town and Country come calling, these book enthusiasts always serve their guests a healthy dose of book porn.

The Reader who remembers everything about every book they’ve ever read

It’s one thing to read the Great Novels or fall under the spell of an alluring book. It’s another to remember the specifics and intricacies of each book you pick up. And yet, there are those lucky bookworms who can quote obscure poetry or passages from their favorite works or discuss the influence of the world’s most renowned authors on current events, literary movements, or other authors at the drop of a hat.

The Scavenger who always finds the most out-of-way, never heard of BEST books

Some people are attuned to the location of the most authentic ethnic restaurants, quaint novelty shops, or picturesque cityscapes. Others have a knack for discovering those rare literary gems that may have eluded a spot on a bestseller list, but touch the soul of any who reads them. Whether it be the solo novel of the reticent author or an emerging writer dominating a sub-genre, this person will be in the know.

The Literary Traveler

This person has spent many a lazy afternoon at the Morgan Library, strolled the literary haunts of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Joyce, and graced the imposing stacks of the Trinity College Library. Meanwhile, you’re still trying to visit each branch of your local library.