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The Best Bible Story Books for Kids to Read

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Hannah VanVels

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Bible story books for kids are a great access point into one of the world’s largest religions. As of 2020, Christianity had around 2.5 billion followers around the world, and this expression of faith looks different from person to person and community to community. The Bible is the most important book in Christianity, but the Bible is a very long book — especially for children to read. Bible storybooks are a collection of stories from the Bible reinterpreted for a younger audience. They allow kids to learn about the Bible and Christianity one story at a time. 

Whether you are looking to share your faith with the little ones in your life or are interested in learning more about the faith and stories behind Christianity, it’s tough to know where to start. It’s important to note that Christian encompasses a variety of traditions, but much of it has been white-washed. Here are a few of my favorite Bible story books for kids by authors of color that show that Bible stories can be interesting and relevant to read even today. Whether you are a Christian or simply learning about the religion, these Bible story books for kids are definitely worth checking out. 

children of god cover

Children of God Storybook Bible by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

This storybook Bible features Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 50 favorite Bible stories, showing how God works through each of the stories and ending each with a thoughtful prayer. Each story is illustrated by a different artist, and so kids can see a variety of depictions of people of the Bible.

power bible cover

The Power Bible by Kim Shin-Joong

The Power Bible is a ten-volume series that presents the Bible in a comic book format. A storybook collection of Bible stories, the dialogue is short and pithy with fun and captivating comic panels.

god's very good idea cover

God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia J. Newball

This Bible storybook is a celebration of diversity and God’s wonderfully unique family. Young readers are taken on a journey from the beginning of creation to God’s throne room and shown all the different ways that everyone can be part of God’s family.

once upon a time for little ones cover

Once Upon a Time for Little Ones by Zondervan and Omar Aranda

This Bible storybook is for the little ones. In a kid-friendly padded board book format, there are eight stories that happened “once upon a time” in the Bible. The illustrations in this book are great for children who haven’t learned to read yet to follow along.

let my people go cover

Let My People go: Bible Stories Told by a Freeman of Color by Patricia C. McKissack

This collection introduces 12 Bible stories and reveals their significance in the lives of African Americans. It poignantly draws parallels between the stories of the Bible and African American history.

the creation cover

The Creation by James Weldon Johnson

At the height of the Harlem Renaissance, James Weldon Johnson interpreted the creation story from the Bible. Set in the Deep South, a country preacher tells the story of creation to children. It’s written in free verse to pay tribute to the oral traditions of Black American storytelling and sermonizing.

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