Best Thriller Books to Read in 2022

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Michelle Regalado

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A new year means a whole slew of new book releases to look forward to, especially when it comes to the best thriller books. 2022 is set to bring plenty of highly anticipated new titles to shelves from across all genres, including sci-fi and fantasy, romance, nonfiction, and of course, thrillers. Whether you love pulse-pounding murder mysteries, locked-room thrillers, or gripping family sagas, you’re sure to find something that suits your interest on this list.

While it’s still early in the year, several of these buzzy novels are already in stores and waiting to be added to your nightstands and bookshelves — and many more are on the way in the coming months. From a YA novel set in a small town to a captivating dive into the world of classical music, these engrossing page-turners will keep you hooked until the very end (and if your top picks are still a few months away from their release, you can also get your suspense fix by checking out the most under-the-radar mysteries of 2021 in the meantime.)

So break out your TBR list, and read on for some of the best and most anticipated thrillers that you won’t want to miss out on in 2022, below.

cover image for the maid

The Maid by Nita Prose

In this buzzy debut novel from Nita Prose, 25-year-old Molly throws herself into her work as a hotel maid at a five-star hotel, fueled by her obsessive love for cleaning and etiquette. But her tidy life is thrown into chaos when she enters the suite of a wealthy patron only to find him dead — and herself a primary suspect in his murder. 

cover of Anthem by Noah Hawley

Anthem by Noah Hawley

In this futuristic thriller, teenagers are dying by suicide in alarming numbers as the rest of the nation faces an increasingly divided political system and an approaching climate disaster. Amid the chaos, three unlikely heroes embark on a question to confront an evil billionaire known as the Wizard to save a friend. 

cover of Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins

Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins

In Rachel Hawkins’s latest thriller, a group of twentysomethings take a voyage to Meroe Island, a remote island in the South Pacific. Before making the difficult journey, they agree to spend two carefree weeks exploring the place together. But what seems like a fun and exciting adventure quickly goes awry as tensions begin to rise on the secluded island.

Cover image for the perfect escape

The Perfect Escape by Leah Konen

After bonding in the aftermath of their messy divorces, new friends Sam, Margaret, and Diana are thrilled to leaving town and going on a girls’ weekend. Halfway into their road trip, they get stranded in a mountain town, where Diana suddenly goes missing. As Sam and Margaret search for her, it soon becomes clear that all three of them have been keeping secrets from each other. 

cover image for the violin conspiracy

The Violin Conspiracy by Brendan Slocumb

Dive into the world of classical music with this riveting page-turner about a Black musician who has dreamed of becoming a professional violinist since he was a child in rural North Carolina. After years of hard work, he lands a spot in the biggest musical competition in the world — only to have his prized possession, a beloved Stradivarius violin, stolen the night before. To recover his treasured instrument, Ray will have to piece together the clues before it’s too late. Slocumb’s stunning debut provides an unflinching portrait of artistry and resilience in the face of prejudice in a cut-throat world.

cold book cover

Cold by Mariko Tamaki

A small community is rocked when the body of a gay 17-year-old high schooler is found in the park. As detectives struggle to find out what happened to him, introverted Georgia watches the investigation and can’t help feel strangely connected to Todd. Unable to shake the feeling that she’s seen him somewhere before, she sets out to uncover the truth behind his death.   

the paris apartment cover

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

The latest novel from the best-selling author of The Hunting Party and The Guest List centers on Lucy, a down-on-her luck woman who asks to crash with her half-brother Ben in Paris in an attempt to find a fresh start. After he reluctantly agrees, Jess shows up to discover a beautiful apartment — and Ben missing. As the days go by, Jen kicks off a search that uncovers more questions and secrets about not only her brother, but the other tenants in the building. 

Book cover for The Night Shift

The Night Shift by Alex Finlay (March 1)

On New Year’s Eve 1999, amid the Y2K scare, four teens are attacked while working at Blockbuster, and only one survives. Nearly 15 years later, in the same small town, four more teens are attacked at an ice cream parlor, launching an FBI investigation into how the two eerily similar incidents are connected. 

cover of The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James

The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James (March 25)

Forty years after she was acquitted of two murders,  Beth agrees to sit down with true crime blogger, Shea, for a series of interviews. As the two begin to meet regularly at Beth’s mansion, Shea starts to suspect something isn’t right  — and there may be some dangers lurking around Beth after all. Expertly flashing between past and present, this atmospheric thriller delivers a chilling mystery that is sure to keep you gripped until the final page. 

Cover of Hollow Fires by Samira Ahmed

Hollow Fires by Samira Ahmed (May 10)

In this poignant and gripping YA novel, Safiya is a young aspiring journalist whose life is turned upside down when she finds the body of a murdered teenage boy. Upon investigating, she learns that Jawad was only 14 when he built a dress-up jetpack that his teacher mistook for a bomb — a mistake that got him arrested and eventually cost him his life. As she learns more details, Saifya is determined to unravel the terrible truth behind Jamad’s story and expose the hate that caused his death.   

the woman in the library book cover

The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentil (June 7)

Four strangers are sitting at a table in the Boston Public Library’s ornate reading room when the tranquil atmosphere is suddenly shattered by a woman’s bloodcurdling scream. After security locks them in place to kick off the investigation, the group starts chatting and friendships begin to form. But while all have plausible reasons for being in the library that afternoon, there’s no denying some of them are holding back secrets — and one of them is the murderer. 

the daughter of doctor moreau book cover

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (July 19)

In this reimagining of The Island of Doctor Moreau set in 19th century Mexico, a mysterious visitor visits Dr. Moreau’s luxurious estate, upsetting the lives of those closest to him — including his daughter, Carlotta; his assistant, Montgomery; and his part-human, part-animal creations known as hybrids. 

last to vanish book cover

The Last to Vanish by Megan Miranda (July 26)

Megan Miranda returns with another thrilling page-turner about big secrets in a small town. After a journalist goes missing while investigating a string of disappearances in the mountain town of Cutter’s Pass, his brother shows up looking for answers. But as the other residents turn their back on the outsider, inn owner Abigail Lovett feels compelled to share the incriminating evidence she found in her hotel, bringing them closer to unveiling the truth. 

stay awake book cover

Stay Awake by Megan Goldin (August 9)

In Megan Goldin’s latest thriller, Liv Reese wakes up in the back of a taxi in New York City with no idea how she got there or why there’s writing all over her hands urging her to “stay awake.” When she tries to return to her apartment, she realizes strangers are now living there. She soon realizes nothing in her life is as she remembers it — and her horror is only amplified when she finds a bloody knife in her pocket. Told between alternating multiple timelines, this intricate, well-crafted mystery will keep you reading late into the night.

cover image for the storyteller's death

The Storyteller’s Death by Ana Davila Cardinal (October 4)

This stunning family saga follows an 18-year-old teenager in Puerto Rico who uncovers a strange and mysterious ability after the death of her grandmother. When her grandmother passes away, Isla inexplicably finds herself getting visions of the tales she’s heard from her family throughout her life. But one vision presents her with the case of an old murder mystery, Isla realizes the stories she once found fascinating could actually be dangerous. 

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