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Best Spotify Playlists for Reading: 8 Chill Mixes For Your Reading Pleasure

Personally, I love to listen to music while I’m reading. Whenever I can, I try to create a serene reading environment with all the best #bookstagram elements you know and love: fairy lights, a warm beverage, cozy socks, a bookish candle, and some super chill tunes to tie it all together. We can have it all, readers! Sometimes though, I spend so much time finding or curating the perfect mix on Spotify or 8tracks I run out of reading time—but you don’t have to! I’m here for you guys and I’ve got your list of the best Spotify playlists for reading right here.

*Bonus cantos! I threw in a few of my favorite 8tracks mixes at the end.

Best Spotify Playlists for Reading

Here Are a few for you 8tracks enthusiasts

8tracks is near and dear to my heart and a really cool spot for reading playlists. Check out some of my favorite 8tracks mixes for reading:

Moon Dog Lovers:

Physicians and Phonographs, inspired by a charming little Doctor Who Victorian AU fanfic:

Ignoring Life:

Maybe I’ll See You Tomorrow:

Haunt Me, Then


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