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15 More of the Best Spoonie Reading Aids

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A little bit ago, I compiled a list of five spoonie reading aids. Now, a few months later, I’m back to help you replenish your spoonies with 15 more spoonie reading aids!

Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite

A lot of spoonies are also immunocompromised. And with the current state of the world, it might be scary to bring books that you can’t sterilize into your home. This particular kindle is waterproof, so you can really get to scrubbin’ and murder those germs. Kindles as have tons of accessibility settings, which you can learn about here! And by using ebooks, you can minimize the amount of outside things entering your home. Check out Libby to read ebooks AND support your local library!

PageTurnerz Kindle Grip Case by MountGeniePageTurnerz Grip Case

So maybe you liked my first suggestion and got a kindle, or you already had one. But they’re thin and slippy and can be awkward to grip. This case has a convenient strap that will help you hold onto your kindle, no matter what your dominant hand is.

Quad Hand Clip Page Turner by Wright Stuff

Quad Hand Clip Page Turner

If you don’t have a certain level of grip strength, you may find it hard to read physical books. This device allows for easy page turning, no grip strength require! It’s also super light weight.

The Book Seat from Amazon

The Book Seat

This soft, mushy bookrest is perfect for reading in bed. Just plop it on your lap! The elastic loop could even be looped around your wrist to keep it stable. It also has a storage pocket where you can keep glasses or maybe a fun snack.

Multi-Color Finger Pointing Bookmarks by CharismaConnection from Etsy

Finger Pointing Bookmark

The brain fog is real. Use these bookmarks to remember exactly where you left off. The elastic is also perfect for helping you grip onto a slippery book. Plus, who doesn’t love fun colors?

Hold-and-Read Book Page Holder by Allegro Medical

Hold-and-Read Book Page Holder

A lot of the book page holders I’ve seen are opaque, which could block some of your book’s words. This one is clear, which means that you should be able to read without constantly shifting it around!

Reading Focus Cards by The Wright Stuff

Reading Focus Cards

The minute I saw these, I knew I needed them. Sometimes the small font size of books means all the text swims together for me, and I know I can’t be the only one. In the past, I’ve used ereaders and their adjustable text settings as a solution, but I really miss physical books. With cards like this, I can return to the land of physical books! Whee!

Magnifying Glasses by Fit Lifestyle
Magnifying Glasses

A lot of magnifiers on the market are quite large. And though they’re theoretically portable, I don’t think you wanna be lugging one around. These magnifying glasses look super light weight and easy to just chuck in your bag.

Large Felt Bedside Caddy Organizer from Amazon

Bedside Caddy

Maybe you’re the sort of spoonie who needs to spend a lot of time in bed. Keep your books (and whatever else you might need) close in this cute caddy. It goes right on the side of your bed, so it might be able to get your books even closer to you than a night stand can.

Tablift Universal Tablet Stand

Universal Tablet Stand

The cool thing about an ereader is that you don’t have to deal with pages flopping all over the place. Take full advantage of this with a tablet stand that’ll let you read while fully lying down. This tablet stand is very adjustable, so you should be able to use it with any ereader. It can do double duty if you also have a plain ol’ tablet!

Embroidered Book Weight by UsefulStitches from Etsy

Embroidered Book Weight

This book weight looks like it’d be super easy to just flop onto your open book. It’d be great if you wanna just leave your book open on your bed because you need a break, but don’t have the spoons to fully put it away.

XL vintage style ivory effect skull handle magnifying glass by VintageGensByAngela from Etsy

Vintage-y Magnifying Glass

Maybe you need some magnification, but you wanna do it in style. Look no further then this very cool magnifying glass with a faux-ivory handle. You’ll constantly look like you’re solving mysteries, and everyone around you will wonder what cool shenanigans you’re getting into!

Corgi Butt Pillow by BootyFarm Etsy

Corgi Butt Pillow

Reading in bed can be hard (literally) if all you’ve got to lean against is a headboard or the wall. That sort of thing really aggravates my chronic back pain. So you try and make a pillow mound to protect your back, but you can’t get it just right. Enter this back pillow which also happens to be a CORGI BUTT.

Mustache Book Page Holder by WoodenGiftsPL from Etsy

Mustache Book Page Holder

I mustache you a question: Do you need help holding your book open? Do you like my terrible pun? Get this adorable mustache book page holder. It’s cute and might save you from that terrible chronic hand and wrist pain.

Vintage 12" Magnifying Ruler by ontherebound from Etsy

Magnifying Ruler

This magnifier is the perfect shape for lines of text. Plus it has that nice little grip groove thing for those of us who have limited grip strength. It’s also super compact and comes with a case, so you can carry it with you for all of you magnifying needs!