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12 Of The Best Sapphic Romances To Read

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P.N. Hinton

Contributing Editor

Born into a family of readers, P.N. gained a love reading as a sort of herd mentality. This love of reading has remained a life long passion, resulting in an English Degree from The University of Houston in Houston, Texas. She normally reads three to four books at any given time, in the futile Sisyphean hope of whittling down her ever growing to be read pile of no specific genre.

In the last few years, I’ve become enamored with sapphic romances. While it’s not the only reason, a lot of this is due to it not being as common when I was first dipping my toes into the romance genre. Although, a more accurate statement would be that I didn’t readily have access to these books, or if I did, I wouldn’t know where to try to find them.

Part of that could be due to what available in the school library, since that is what I primarily frequented. Most times, the books that I could get there, when I was able to find romance, were decidedly straight and white. It took me a bit of time to find Black romances, let alone any that were any shade of the LGBTQ rainbow. 

Whatever the case for my own reading shortcomings, there is even more of a plethora of them nowadays. And I love it. I enjoy any well-written love story. Also, in my experience and opinion, these stories tend to be more comforting than their heterosexual counterparts. Which isn’t to say I only read them, but recently, that is where my preference has been.

So, if you’re like me and looking to curl up with more of these types of books, the list below includes some that are a good jumping off point.

Contemporary Sapphic Romances

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston book cover

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

August has a rather cynical outlook on the world, especially when it comes to love. This isn’t changed after her move to New York, where she works at an all-night pancake diner and has to have multiple roommates to make ends meet. Then she bumps into Jane on the train, and seeing her becomes part of her daily routine. However, she soon discovers that Jane is displaced from the 1970s and, at the risk of her own heartbreak, has to work to get Jane back to her own time.

treasure cover

Treasure by Rebekah Weatherspoon

While her sister’s bachelorette party was a welcome mini-vacation from university, Alexis knows it’s time to get back to the grind when school starts. Imagine her surprise when she finds that her new roommate is none other than the beautiful stripper from her sister’s party. Trisha, stage name Treasure, is equally surprised and delighted to find herself in close quarters with the young butch. As the two young women live together, they find themselves drawn to each other and wondering if they can leave the scars of their past behind for chance at a bright and happy future.

cover of The Mercy Chronicles

The Mercy Chronicles by Fiona Zedde

In this lesbian superhero romance, we are introduced to Mai, her alter ego Mercy, and love interest Xóchit. This edition includes both volumes of the series. In the first volume, we follow Mai as she comes to terms with her shape-shifting abilities and how she uses it to protect Atlanta. In the second one, we get to focus more on the morally gray Xóchitl, who has to be the hero when her enemies set their sights on Mercy, and she must rush to save the woman she loves.

cover of Count Your Lucky Stars

Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Due to a relationship gone terrible, Margot has steered clear of relationships. Currently though, it’s making her feel like the odd woman out, which is less than enjoyable. When she’s asked to be the Best Woman at a friend’s upcoming nuptials, she is shocked to find that the wedding planner is none other than Olivia, the woman who broke her heart all those years ago. And when fortune finds Olivia with no place to stay and Margot the only person with an available room, it seems the universe is plotting to have these two give each other a second chance.

D'Vaughn & Kris Plan a Wedding Book Cover

D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding by Chencia C. Higgins

The titular characters come up with a scheme to trick their family into thinking they’re going to get married for the reality show Instant I Do. If they can pull it off, they’ll be $100,000 richer. However, if anyone guesses the truth about their faux-mance, they lose. As they try to meet every challenge head on, they find that, during the course of pretending to be in love, they may have gone and actually done it.

cover of No Rings Attached

No Rings Attached by Rachel Lacey

Lia is tired of being single and the not-so-subtle reminders from her mother. In an attempt to get her off her back, she fabricates a relationship. This ends up coming back to bite her, though, when it’s relayed that she’s expected to bring this person to her brother’s wedding. She finds herself in need of a real-fake girlfriend to match the stories she’s been talking about and asks her friends for help. Their solution comes in the form of Grace, who agrees to take on the role. As the women attend all the activities associated with the wedding, they find their agreement move from an acquaintanceship to a friendship. Then, of course, something more seems to develop.

cover of how to find a princess

How to Find a Princess by Alyssa Cole

After losing her job and girlfriend at the same time, Makeda is not in the mood for her grandmother’s stories about an affair with a royal long ago. When investigator Beznaria shows up looking for a long-lost heir of Ibarania, though, she wonders if there was some truth in the stories that her grandmother was telling. And when a threat on Grandma’s life makes it necessary to return to Ibarania, the two women discover that the road to romance may be more wild than they ever thought possible.

cover of Unexpected Goals

Unexpected Goals by Kelly Farmer

Due to previously being on opposite hockey teams, Maisy and Jen don’t have the best of relationships when both end up on the roster for Boston Ice. Since they’re now teammates, though, they do need to try to at least be civil. As they spend more time together, they begin to realize that maybe it wasn’t all animosity driving the feelings between the two of them. As tension builds to the playoffs, both players must decide if they’re willing to go all-in with each other.

Historical Sapphic Romances

the cover of The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics

The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

When Lucy discovers a letter requesting help deciphering a French document from the widowed Countess of Moth, she is overjoyed. She takes this as her sign to leave her hometown and former ex-fiance behind in the dust. Countess Catherine is surprised to find a young woman on her doorstep, ready to take the position. But she doesn’t turn her down. While Lucy translates by day, the two women fall in love by night. Will the threat of the past and present of the world endanger their happily every after before it even really begins?

cover of The Perks of Loving a Wallflower

The Perks of Loving a Wallflower by Erica Ridely

Master of disguise spy Thomasina is always ready to tackle any challenges set before her. She is even more delighted to find that her newest client is the beautiful but seemingly cold Philippa. While initially less than delighted to have to ask for assistance from a baron for this task, Phillippa is relieved to discover that they are really a woman in disguise. The task at hand? Locating and deciphering a document to unmask a villain. However, as the women work together to solve this case, Philippa feels her heart thawing towards Thomasina and wonders if she maybe wrote off romance too quickly in her life.

Graphic Novel Sapphic Romances

Bingo Love cover

Bingo Love by Tee Franklin

When Hazel and Mari met as teenagers and fell in love, their families ripped them apart, calling their love unnatural. Heartbroken, both women move on and settle into a life that is more fitting for what their families wanted. When they happen upon each other again as grandmothers at a Bingo game, they find the attraction and love is still there. Only this time, both are determined to not let this second chance at a romance escape them, even if it means a huge adjustment for their families.

Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon Vol. 1 by Shio Usui cover

Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon, Vol 1. by Shio Usui

Uno has decided to throw herself in everything that the world has decreed a woman like her should like: make-up, fashion, and whirlwind romances. However, the relationships she keeps trying to start with men end up fizzling out, and she’s not sure why. When her paths cross with new co-worker, Asahi, she finds herself drawn to the level-headed woman. What begins as a friendship develops into more, and Uno begins to wonder if she has been looking to the wrong type of people for love.

Find more sapphic comics and graphic novels on this list!

This is just a small sampling of some of the best sapphic romances out there, but trust there are a lot more available for your reading enjoyment! You might also want to check out 15 WLW Romance Books Like Our Last Stop.

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