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11 of the Best Reading Pillows for Kids

Danika Ellis

Associate Editor

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There’s nothing quite like reading as a kid. I remember being able to spend hours devouring my favorite series, sneaking pages in the middle of the night or at family dinners before I was caught. Bookworm kids can read anywhere, but a cozy reading nook or having one of the best reading pillows for kids to cuddle into makes it an even more immersive experience.

Setting kids up for comfy, cozy reading can be as elaborate as a reading nook with matching bookshelves, furniture, and lighting — or it can be as simple as a well-chosen reading pillow. The best reading pillows for kids make it so that the world fades away and they can focus completely on the story instead of the discomfort of being hunched over a book. Kids’ bodies may be more forgiving than the average adult’s, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a comfortable reading spot!

Most of these reading pillows have a similar design, which includes a cushioned back and armrests. I’ve also included a couple of simple bolster options for lumbar support, as well as some pillows for resting your book or ereader on. Make sure to also check out these kids’ reading chairs for another approach!

A dinosaur-patterned reading pillow for kids

These reading pillows for kids are available in a huge variety of patterns, as well as in small and x-large sizes. The covers are washable! It uses memory foam and is shipped vacuum-sealed, so make sure to give it some time to inflate. $50

a fuzzy rainbow reading pillow for kids

It wouldn’t be the best reading pillows for kids without a fuzzy rainbow option, right? The cover is removable and washable, and it includes a carrying handle and pocket. $51

a photo of a hamster reading pillow for kids

Yes, I am currently trying to talk myself out of buying this hamster reading pillow just for my own use. Look at that face! Animal-loving kids will adore this. $37

a photo of a dinosaur reading pillow

Speaking of just-too-cute options, what about this dinosaur take on the reading pillows with arms theme? $58

a photo of a cat reading pillow and u-shaped cat reading pillow

This cat reading pillow is another very cute option for young kids, especially toddlers having trouble sitting. (Sadly, it’s not available in adult sizes.) It’s a set that comes with one pillow for lumbar support and another for neck support! $22

a photo of a woodland-patterned wedge pillow

Many of the best reading pillows for kids have a similar design, but here’s another option: a simple wedge-shaped pillow. The woodland design works for kids but also wouldn’t look out of place in the living room. It’s a little more versatile, too, since it can be used not just for back support but also as a regular pillow or laid down to prop a book on. $70

a photo of a tube-shaped black cat pillow

If you’re just looking to add lumbar support, a simple tube-shaped pillow like this black cat reading pillow is a good option that can also be cuddled up with any time. This comes in four different sizes/lengths. $22-39

a photo of a long rectangle grey fox pillow

A similar option is this fox pillow, available in grey or pink. It’s versatile, looking at home in any kid’s bed, and it can be folded for more support. $23

a photo of a pyramid-shaped book holder pillow with a unicorn pattern

The other category of book pillows are ones that hold books or ereaders/tablets! This pyramid-shaped book holder has an adorable unicorn print, though it’s also available in solid colors. $18

four photos of an owl tablet stand

This tablet or book stand comes in a few different designs, including this owl, but also a dragon, monster, sloth, dog, and more! $28

a photo of a unicorn tablet stand

And finally, one more unicorn for the road. This tablet/ereader stand pillow also has a back pocket for storing a journal, pens, or a book. $35

If you’re feeling left out, check out the best pillows for reading in bed and these book holders. And don’t forget to peruse the best kids’ reading chairs!