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The 16 Best Reading Lamps for Your Nighttime Reading Routine

Danika Ellis

Associate Editor

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Despite being a lifelong book lover, I’ve only recently began to develop a solid reading routine. I always intended to be the kind of person who reads for an hour before bed, but it never seemed to work out that way. It turned out there were two things holding me back: an unrealistic expectation of how much time I had to put aside for reading before bed and not having a bedside lamp. The best reading lamps make reading in bed comfortable and easy — much more relaxing than having to roll our of bed to turn the light switch off just as you’ve gotten cozy and drowsy.

There are so many options when it comes to reading lamps, though. You have to consider what you’re using it for: is it stationed in one place, or do you want it to be portable? Do you have a spot cleared off on a nightstand, or does it need to be clamped onto your headboard or the wall? Would you prefer a floor lamp or a smaller version? Then, there’s extra features like color changes and USB ports for charging. And that’s not even getting into how it fits into your decor!

Since everyone will have their own criteria for what qualifies as the best reading lamps, I’ve included a range of options for different styles and uses. They have been carefully vetted, though: each of these has at least 1,000 Amazon reviews with at least a 4.5 star average. Most of them are also dimmable, so you can adjust to your preferred reading light.

Bedside Reading Lamps

a photo of a kid reading under a white desk lamp with a foldable arm

White Crown LED Desk Lamp for $25

Although there are many similarly-designed lamps, this one comes highly rated, and it’s the one that boosted my own reading life! It’s an LED lamp that’s adjustable in a multitude of ways: the arm not only bends up and down, but also rotates, making it easy to point the light where you need it. It’s dimmable and has different color modes, so you can choose between warmer or cooler light. Plus, it has a USB port for charging your phone, and an auto-off timer if you’re someone who falls asleep while reading.

a photo of a desk lamp with a curved LED arm at the top

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp for $189

The deluxe version of the LED desk lamp (or bedside reading lamp) is the BenQ. The curved cap offers a wider reading surface, and it has 13 levels of color temperatures and 23 brightness levels. It’s auto-dimmable, meaning that it automatically adjusts to the lighting in your room. It also doesn’t cause screen glare, if you want it double as office lighting. It’s available in a range of colors.

a photo of a reading lamp with a round shade. An illustration of a hand is touching the base.

Bedside Lamp with Round Flaxen Shade for $30

If you prefer a bedside lamp with a classic design, you might like this one with a round fabric lamp. You still get the perks of an LED lamp, though, including a USB port and dimmable light. This is also touch controlled, so you can adjust the lighting by tapping the base. It’s available in a range of shade colors. (You might also be interested in this similar bedside lamp with a square shade for $17.)

a photo of two grey side table lamps

2 Pack of Side Table Lamps with Grey Shades for $56

This two pack is great for readers who want matching lamps on both sides of the bed at a low cost. They are dimmable with touch control, and each has two USB ports.

a photo of an industrial side table lamp

Industrial Table Lamp for $40

If you have an industrial aesthetic, this will be one of the best reading lamps for you. It adjusts between 10% and 100% brightness with a knob on the base, and it also includes two USB ports.

a photo of a round lamp available in several colors

Color Changing Touch Lamp for $24

This would make a fun lamp for a kid’s or teen’s bedroom — or yours, if you’re still fun. No judgement. It’s touch-activated and lights up in a bunch of different colors, which are also dimmable. It promises that the highest setting is bright enough for reading, while the rest are a more diffuse light. It also has a USB port for charging.

The Best Floor Lamps for Reading

a photo of a black LED floor lamp with a remote

Dimunt LED Floor Lamp for $44

This is very similar to the first reading lamp listed, but it’s a floor lamp version! Not only does it have a range of color temperature and brightness settings, but they’re controllable by remote, so you don’t have to get up from your comfy reading position. It has a gooseneck that can be bent and angled to place the light where you need it. The base is also weighted, making it hard for an errant pet or toddler to knock over.

a photo of a floor lamp that is one arc from the base to the tip

LED Arc Floor Lamp for $80

This eye-catching floor lamp is one fluid arc from beginning to end, making it perfect to set over a reading chair or even behind a couch. It has three brightness settings, and it promises that the brightest setting is comfortable to read by.

a photo of a gooseneck floor lamp with a metal shade by a bed

Metal Standing Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck for $40

If you prefer a classic design, this metal floor lamp with adjustable gooseneck might be more your style. This is one of the few lamps on this list that isn’t dimmable, but it’s also one of the few that accommodates different light bulbs. The on/off switch is located on the cord, making it easy to reach without having to get up.

Clip-On Reading Lamps

a photo of a reading lamp clamped onto a desk

LEPOWER Clip on Light for $22

Somewhere between a reading light and a reading lamp, these clip-on reading lamps are more portable than the latter, but more permanent and sturdy than a reading light. This one has an adjustable gooseneck, so you can clip it to your headboard for bedtime reading and your desk during the day. It has two brightness settings and two color temperature settings.

a photo of a clip-on ring light

Ring Light Clip-On Reading Lamp for $21

Ring lights are popular with beauty bloggers and other social media stars because they offer a simple, flattering lighting solution. This one also doubles as a clip-on reading lamp with a gooseneck and dimmable lighting, as well as two color temperature settings.

a photo of a blue clip on reading lamp

Blue Clip-On Reading Lamp for $20

This is little clip-on reading lamp is a simple, portable option that’s available in a few different colors. It has a flexible gooseneck and a 6-foot power cord. This one is dimmable, however: it it just a bright, warm white LED light.

Wall-Mounted and Built-In Reading Lamps

a photo of a wall-mounted silver reading lamp with gooseneck

Wall Mounted Reading Light for $20, or $37 for 2 pack

The problem with bedside reading lamps is, of course, that they take away space from the side table that could be used by teetering piles of books. One solution is wall-mounted reading lamps that are impossible to knock over in the middle of the night. They have a narrow beam of light and an adjustable gooseneck, so you won’t light up the whole room while reading. They also are dimmable and have three color temperatures.

a photo of industrial plug in wall sconces

Black Metal Plug in Wall Sconces for $30

For more of an industrial look, these wall sconces have black metal shades an a swing arm. They can either be plugged in or hardwired in. They include a dimmer switch to adjust brightness.

a photo of a headboard light with beige shade

Headboard Light with Beige Shade for $28

This reading lamp slides over your headboard and can be slid back and forth. This one doesn’t have a dimmable light or color temperature options, but it offers a simple option that is easily moved and keeps the side tables free.

a photo of a bookshelf floor lamp

Bookshelf Floor Lamp for $60

Speaking of overflowing side tables, why not combine the two with this bookshelf floor lamp? That way, you have plenty of room for your whole TBR (or at least, a healthy selection) and you always have room for the lamp. This has a linen lampshade and is available in a range of colors. The light is not dimmable.

There you have it: 16 of the best reading lamps you can choose from! I hope that no matter your style or use case, you found something that could improve your reading life here. Looking for more? Try: