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Best Pillows for Reading in Bed

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I have a hard time reading in bed. The first issue is that I am a person who does not regularly get the appropriate number of hours of sleep in the nighttime, which means that if I try to read in bed during the daytime, I’m bound to get snoozy and accidentally take a four-hour nap in the middle of the day. My dogs don’t mind when I do this, but it sure does throw off my day.

Reading in bed at night is good, except that my husband goes to bed at 9 p.m. like a boring (AKA reasonable) person while I stay up into the wee hours of the next day. I’ve got myself set up with a great book light and my ereader of choice so I can read either analog or digital books, so that’s not the problem. The problem is that my husband is a downright cuddle bug and his sleeping self thinks he needs to grab me up just as I’m starting to settle down and get into a book. What a sweetie pie jerk!

Lately, I’ve been thinking: what if I had a really great reading pillow? And I’m not talking about a bookish throw pillow — though this post handily talks about throw pillows for your reading nook — I’m talking about a really good pillow for reading in bed. How would this solve my problem of a husband who needs cuddles and/or the problem of accidentally taking four-hour naps in the middle of the day?

It won’t— but it will make sure I’m really cozy! So without further ado, helpful pillows for reading in bed that will hopefully make doing so cozier for you, even if most of them won’t actually help with my own personal issue non-issue.

Personalized Reading Pillow

Personalized Reading Pillow with Arms

Right out of the gate, we’ve got a pillow that might actually help my problem — a personalized reading pillow. Look at those arms, to rest my own arms and also prevent the affectionate arms of my husband from ruining my reading time! Plus, I can personalize it with our names and anniversary so he’ll know that yes, I do love him, even if I sometimes secretly wish it was the olden days and we each had our own twin bed. $100

Kindle Pillow

Ebook and tablet pillow

Well this Kindle pillow would solve my problem, too! Because the thing is, when I’m trying to read and he comes a’cuddlin’, the issue is that he inevitably knocks the book out of my hand. If my book is snuggly chilling on this pillow, I could get cuddles and a fun reading time! $25

Comfy Readers Book Reading Pillow

Okay, WOW. This comfy book reading pillow is amazing for reading hardback books. You tuck each side of the book cover into the flaps on the side, and that piece of leather hanging down in the middle is a bookmark. This is brilliant, especially for super-big, long books that are heavy to hold at the best of times but especially when sweet sleep is on the horizon. $35

Beanbag Book Support Pillow

Green Bean Bag Book Pillow

This beanbag book support pillow is filled with — wait for it — beanbag filling! As a result, it can squish and squash into different configurations depending on the type/size/weight of the book you’re reading and the angle from which you’re reading. Exciting! $50.

Wedge Reading Pillow

Wedge Memory Phone Reading Pilllow

While certainly not the cutest option, this wedge reading pillow offers excellent back and neck support. The included pieces allow you to configure it to perfection for your own special needs, too. $80

Floor Reading Pillow

Floor Reading Pillow

Not everyone’s got a big cozy bed to flop into — and not everyone wants one. I spent a few years of my early 20s making cozy nests on the floor to sleep in. They were fine, but what I wouldn’t have given for this floor pillow to read on before bed. $56+

Travel Reading Pillow

Travel Reading Pillow with Pockets

Not only do I no longer sleep nested on the floor, but I’m also lucky enough to be able to travel quite frequently. This book would be handy, especially at the airport. Slide your favorite book in there and use the travel reading pillow to keep tabs on it when you’re not reading, and to comfortably prop your arm up when you are reading. $27

Neck Support Reading Pillow

Reading pillow with neck support

If you find your neck starts to ache after a few hours of reading, this neck support reading pillow could change your life. It even has a handy pocket to store your phone out of sight and out of mind. $58

Reading Pillowz

Reading Buddyz Pillow

Another great option if your neck tends to hurt, the Reading Buddyz pillows are actually for your book, ereader, or tablet. According to the maker, the cozy stand brings the media higher and closer to your eyes, which reduces the need to move and strain your neck. $30

Adjustable Reading Pillow

Adjustable Bed Pillow

This adjustable reading pillow looks a lot like some of the others but the key here is that the top neck pillow can be removed. You can use it to elevate your knees, as a neck pillow, or whatever your heart desires! $40

A lot of these reading pillows look pretty awesome to me. In fact, they’re solving problems I didn’t even know I had. For example, I’m currently reading To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara. It’s excellent but also very big and very heavy. For these reasons, I haven’t even attempted to read it in bed. What happens if it slips and smacks me in the face? This tome could break my nose!

But now I know that there are reading pillows I can comfortably rest my book on. Ones that can hold my books. Ones that can help with neck strain. Truly, the internet’s got something for everyone — you should try it!