Best Miss Frizzle Quotes From The Magic School Bus

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Melissa Baron

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Miss Frizzle was the first science teacher to take what I learned in school and make it memorable and fun. She was the teacher to Carlos, Arnold, Tim, Keesha, Phoebe, Ralphie, Wanda, and Dorothy, sure, but she was everyone’s FST: favorite science teacher. I was the perfect age when the original Magic School Bus show aired, about 9–10 years old. I loved Miss Frizzle’s cheerful, distinctive voice, her bursting enthusiasm for teaching, her adorkable and eccentric fashion sense, and her unorthodox methods of bringing her students directly to the thing they were studying…even if that meant getting swallowed by Arnold and going through his digestive system. Moreover, I loved how she let the kids take risks and learn through experience.

Joanna Cole, the author who wrote The Magic School Bus series, passed away last week, and she left behind a wonderful, adventurous legacy of learning in her wake. According to my research, Cole was a librarian before she started writing books full time in 1980, and she wrote the first Magic School Bus book in 1985, publishing 13 in total for the series with illustrator Bruce Degen. The beloved TV show ran for four seasons, and Netflix recently re-adapted the show in 2017. Soon, we’re getting treated to a Magic School Bus live action film.

Cole made science fun and engaging for almost 40 years, and her work will live on through The Friz and her magical teaching ways. We’ve collected our favorite Miss Frizzle quotes to honor Joanna Cole’s creation, and remember how loved Miss Frizzle and her school bus full of kids are to us all.

The Best Miss Frizzle Quotes

The Friz on Science

“Welcome to outer space, class. The only planetarium open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

“As I always say, look to mother nature for the best of everything.”

“In just a few moments, we’ll be landing in Arnold’s stomach. Thank you for flying Digestion Airways.”

“The best way to know is to do.”

“As I always say, make mistakes, make mistakes, make mistakes! It’s the best way to learn something.”

“Don’t forget to look for connections!”

“All stars have gas. That’s what they’re made of. But this two million year old baby just hasn’t settled down yet. You know it’s at that awkward age.”

“Ahh, the smell of decomposing orange. Delectable.”

“Looks can be deceiving, Wanda. Oftentimes what is isn’t, and what isn’t is.”

The Friz on Life

“Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”

“As my old parachute instructor used to say, look before you leap, and never jump to conclusions.”

“If you keep asking questions, you’ll keep getting answers.”

“As I always say, for every trip, there’s a road map.”

“Where the road ends, adventure begins!”

“If you don’t look, you’ll never see. And what you don’t see can be very hard to find.”


Hit it, Liz!”

“Seat belts, everyone!”

“To the bus!”

“Single file, please.”

“Okay, bus—do your stuff!”

“As I always say, class, you’re out of this world.”